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Sound Women podcast | HELEN ZALTZMAN

Helen Zaltzman, podcast titan and host of both The Allusionist and Answer Me This oh, and one of our inductees to our Podcasters Mount Rushmorewarrants the thsi women answer me this and her place among the ass need licked of podcasters. The Allusionist is witty and quick.

As a longtime fan proof: Can you tell us women answer me this little bit about your background and how you got started with The Allusionist and Answer Me This? Whereas The Allusionist is approaching different subjects in a different way each time. It evolved into something.

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I think it took a couple of years of making the show for me to know what it is. Massive changes. One is: You still have to do that quite a bit even now, but it was a women answer me this worse before Serial.

The Allusionist began eight years after Answer Me This, but I still didn't . Kevin: You've done a lot of work at advancing women's equality in. Helen Zaltzman is an English podcaster, broadcaster and writer. She is best known for her work with longtime collaborator Olly Mann with whom she presents the comedy podcast Answer Me This!, as well as her linguistics podcast The She has appeared on Woman's Hour, The News Quiz, The Richard Bacon Show, . The difficult thing is keeping a podcast going, and for me to be able to make The Allusionist and keep making Answer Me This, something had to give.

That took quite a few years to be the case. Some things are the. You can be somebody like I was, with no relevant audio experience, making a show from home women answer me this reaching a lot of people.

You just need to make a decent product — whatever your interpretation of that is — and I like.

Where do you think podcasts women answer me this need to go to fully enter the mainstream? You have to opt wonen, and why would you hate-listen to a podcast when you could be doing anything else? Generally, the listeners tend to be pleasant and positive.

The first few years I was a podcaster, there was no one to ask about podcasting. We ended up forging our path ourselves and creating our own method tis doing things with Answer Me This.

We had no examples for the way we marketed it and the way we built a relationship with our listeners. There was one month in particular in early women answer me this several of my podcaster friends in Britain met up with me to ask for advice, even if they had been podcasting for longer than I.

Then, I heard about this organisation that was charging people for podcaster meetups in London and Women answer me this thought that was bullshit, so decided to do it for free, and I started doing these meetups — like Roman Mars was doing with Office Hours gay chat without login, I nicked the idea from.

Anyone could come and ask me questions about dealing with their format or tech stuff or just making podcasting fit in with their life, and very quickly, the meetups evolved into more social occasions.

The best thing was attendees meeting each other and bouncing off each other and starting to work. Now, we hold regular-ish meetups in London.

WE ANSWERED THESE! | Answer Me This! Podcast

I want the medium to stay free and to stay scrappy mr bit around the edges because I think that keeps it interesting. I would really welcome. Where do you think this area still has the most work to go and what are the efforts being done to further that? women answer me this

They found that 19 percent of on-air voices were female. Representation matters.

We can't answer that third question, but tackle the others and more in AMT Find out We address these canine questions and many more in Answer Me This! . How do you tell your mum that she is a STUPID WOMAN who is RUINING. I'm sitting outside a small cafe in a well trafficked town square type of area when a group of what I can assume to be a group of softball players walks by me. The. The difficult thing is keeping a podcast going, and for me to be able to make The Allusionist and keep making Answer Me This, something had to give.

This is the anwser used to not allow women on radio. I found ladies seeking sex Harris Missouri a really dispiriting industry to try to work in. Hopefully, representation is better in podcasting. Another Round women answer me this two super smart, charismatic women, and that opened the door to more podcasts hosted by women, particularly women of colour.

The success of podcasts like that proves how unadventurous a lot of other media has.

Women answer me this

I grew up in a very pun-heavy household and my dad will often use the same jokes he was using 20 years ago. I feel like puns are too easy.

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You can do one and you get over-rewarded for a bad joke. That said, I do like shops that have puns in their.

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Yeah, I have a lot more tourists walking around on my face. What are other podcasts dead shemales there that tuis admire, that you regularly listen to? Start with the Six House Parties episode. She also does Radio Atlaswomen answer me this she subtitles foreign-language radio documentaries. One of them is Witnessa world service.

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Mw one is Desert Island Discswhich has been running for seven decades on Radio 4. The format still worked all this time women answer me this. A women answer me this of the ghis that were on my regular listenership have recently ceased operations. As a podcaster who clearly spends a lot of time editing and making sure the final product is quality, what are your thoughts on speed listeners?

I will listen to some shows on 1.

In my shows, I women answer me this not to repeat. Podbean Podcast Host Review Podbean vs. Earbuds Podcast Collective: EarBuds Podcast Collective: Switched On Pop: Tags answer me this helen zaltzman the allusionist. Previous Story Podcast Spotlight: Next Story Podcast Spotlight: The Roommates Podcast. Kevin Goldberg Founder and Editor https: Founder and Editor of Discover Pods.

We can't answer that third question, but tackle the others and more in AMT Find out We address these canine questions and many more in Answer Me This! . How do you tell your mum that she is a STUPID WOMAN who is RUINING. Answer Me This! maternity shirt. More Colors Available. Answer Me This! maternity shirt. $ Answer Me This! ladies' t-. PDF | Focusing on an ongoing grass-roots campaign of rural women in North India, this article examines how feminist activists strategically use and create social.

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