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Wild sex toys

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The first sex toy created by retailer Wild Flower is a genderless object meant to suit a variety of bodies.

Named Enby wild sex toys the acronym NB, short for non-binary, the vibrator is designed wild sex toys appeal to users across all genders, with an abstracted shape and open-ended functionality. The company added that the gender-neutral aesthetic and function of Enby "allows you to write your own sexual script", avoiding the prescriptiveness of more familiar sex toy designs.

The flexible silicone vibrator has wings that fan out from a goys ridge, in a shape similar to a bike saddle or stingray. The idea is that users can place Enby on wild sex toys wrap it around many potentially sensitive areas of their bodies.

As a starting point, Wild Flower suggests three potential ways to use the toy: Enby wild sex toys an extension of a project Amy Boyajian and Nick Boyajian started wlid years ago when they founded Wild Flower, an online adult store where products are sorted by body part or type of play, not gender.

The gender-neutral sex toy has three speeds and five patterns of vibration, wikd comes in wild sex toys colours: Wild sex toys comes during a renaissance in sex toy design that has seen a shift away from penis-shaped objects. Instead, the latest vibrators are more likely to have smooth and minimal, abstracted forms — alongside the occasional avocado or flying saucer.

Other recently launched products include Dame's compact Fin vibratorjovial person over the finger like a ring, and Buck Offa toy designed especially for transgender men.