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Here is my question: Thank you.

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Interesting that it would not be a noun in both cases or an adjective in both cases. I think Pons might have wife in polish one wife in polish, I just checked two dictionaries I use normally and it's an adjective. I've also just spoken to three Polish people and it i like an adjective, not like a noun.

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Polis odd. Far be it for me to correct a dictionary but wife in polish explanation above is probably correct. Pons does mention that it is declined as an adjective but definitely calls it a Noun second definition.

It is listed first as an adjective. Yeah, I've just seen that, weird, I have never used Pons actually.

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My favourites are google translate and wiktionary inn google gets feedback and wiktionary can be edited so they are constantly being updated by people who want good translations.

Wiktionary is especially good for verb conjugations and declension of nouns and adjectives. Google translate is good for trying ib see if the word works in the same contexts ceylon girls in English, using trial and error, wife in polish instance, the verb wife in polish go will be used differently depending on the sentence.

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Talking to Polish people about how the words are used is the best way, but the more sources the better, you'll get a fuller understanding. I think rarely it can be sort of used as wife in polish noun, when it's plural.

But it's not exactly grammatical. Grammatically it's still an adjective.

But maybe you are aiming at something else. Yes, there always another way, sometimes easier to say.

I noticed the two examples that I gave in a reading passage for wife in polish and noticed right away that there was a difference in the way "married" was being used grammatically in each sentence. Get started. Am I mistaken? Can someone enlighten me on this?

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Many thanks. October 16, DonalMcKen Augustine November 13, So to add a little addition from a native speaker's point of view.

October 17, Yes, that's what I thought, but I don't like to assume. October 19,