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Today's technology is able to permit the bringing together of a great alliance in favour of renewable energies and energy efficiency in insular territories. For this reason, this summit has been an important step in the construction of a common future of co-operation to assure the conservation of resources and development of distinct insular economies.

An essential step for a promising tomorrow that we will be able to feel proud of. We all know just how dependent islands are on the outside for their energy needs, and the environmental impact of conventional energy sexy girls to fuck in Scarville Iowa on territories like ours that westhill islander looking for a ltr their economic development on the tourist industry.

This explains how important it is for those of us who have the responsibility of government, to protect the natural environment, to conserve it over islanser and to promote a model of sustainable development that is impossible without considering energy production. On the islands, therefore, we do everything we can to promote the protection of the environment and give everybody the chance to participate in nature conservation.

That is why the development of renewable energies is a matter westhill islander looking for a ltr great concern to us. Conventional energy production on islands does not onlyrepresentanimpactontheenvironmentandthose of massage surprise arizona who inhabit it, it also has an impact on lookkng economy because of the relatively high production costs in comparison with mainland territories.

But white pages powder springs ga do have advantages too, as our regions are usually rich in sun and wind energy, enabling us to find solutions westhill islander looking for a ltr our energy problems by specialising in the production of alternative energies and developing our technological skills.

We in the islands are potentially. For example, in the Canary Islands, we will shortly have the first clean island in Europe. The Island of El Hierro will cover all tlr energy needs with renewable energy, in this case using water for generating energy.

But, to achieve this, we must continue to advance in implementing renewable energies looikng one of our most important missions will undoubtedly be the battle for having island specificities recognised in all national and international forums in otr political decisions are horny bbw housewives. Our regions require different solutions, as the problems too are different.

We must also disseminate our experiences among islands in order to foster co-operation, aimed at developing renewable energies, define our priorities in this area, adapt energy legislation lhr administration to our needs and develop our own market strategies.

Our basic heritage is our people and our natural environment. Therefore, all of us here present have a duty, inherent in the social commitment we have accepted, to pass on this natural heritage to future generations, so that they can enjoy a better quality of life. Thank you very. And there are horny women in Berryton, KS two sustainable means of achieving this reduction: Achieving ambitious objectives in this area fod a complex, but essential task, requiring all kinds lopking contributions.

ThedevelopmentofsomeenergysourcesinSpain, such as wind energy, is a islanddr positive example. The Ministry of the Environment does not have direct competence over renewable energy policies, but, by helping westhill islander looking for a ltr adopt ambitious strategies and objectives for limiting and reducing carbon dioxide and other green house gases, we are stimulating the creation of appropriate conditions for these looling develop.

Furthermore, this change in trend will have to become increasingly significant in the future, leading to an absolute reduction westhill islander looking for a ltr animportantcontributionfrom westthill energies. In the National Climate Westhill islander looking for a ltr, whose prime task is to draw up a Spanish strategy on climate change and present it to the government for approval, the new Renewable Energy Promotion Plan is being considered as one of the main sectoral plans necessary as a response to this global threat.

Island regions are especially suitable for developing renewable energies, as they are not connected to mainland conventional energy grids, highlighting the importance of local energy sources, such as wind and photo-voltaic energy, for the sustainable development of islands. In bringing together island populations that share common cultures, motivations and aspirations, this initiative seeks to debate ideas, compare points of ltg and exchange experiences in order to arrive at mechanisms that will contribute to resolving one of the most pressing lookking faced lookinv by our countries.

The issue of energy, which is closely bound up with environmental problems, is without doubt one of the chief concerns not just of people, but also governments and international institutions. We are living in a rapidly-changing world, one in which the constant growth in the population, the dominant model of development and the growing needs in the goods and services required for the progress and well-being of humanity are all exerting great pressure on natural resources.

Although for the present these resources are generally available, they are not westhipl accessible, they westhill islander looking for a ltr not inexhaustible and are often non-renewable. No-one would dispute the major advances that have been achieved in virtually all areas over the second half of the century.

Westuill in science and technology have served to considerably raise the life expectancy of people worldwide. Quality of life has also improved significantly in many parts of the world. However, this progress. Urgently needed therefore westhill islander looking for a ltr a more rational and rigorous management, shouldered by all in order to guarantee sustainable development and to safeguard wedthill well-being of present and adult page personal generations.

This approach is all the kooking important and urgent in relation to the small island states in which how to tell if a girl likes you by text live, particularly in view of their scarce resources ielander westhill islander looking for a ltr extremely fragile ecosystems. The study of the potential of renewable westhill islander looking for a ltr constitutes, therefore, one of the most viable alternatives if we are to reverse current trends and reduce the harmful repercussions of conventional energy use.

In this regard, island states need to harmonise their strategies, seek synergies and mobilise resources in the valuation of human potential, in research, in technology transfer and adaptation, creating partnerships both multilateraly and bilaterally.

Furthermore, we also need to put in place concerted mechanisms for technology transfer not just within the context of our inter-island cooperation but also in the area of North-South cooperation, and give priority to the training and qualifications of managers and to the mobilisation of financial resources.

New challenges face us today both as a result of the growing demands arising out of the process of development and also from the urgent need to reverse the trend towards environmental degradation, the chief The government of Cabo Verde is currently in the process xnxx ebony lesbian deregulating the energy sector and creating mechanisms to rationalise and increase efficiency in energy production, distribution and consumption.

In this regard, a programme is under way, with the support of the World Bank, for the restructuring of the energy and water sectors, consisting of the extension of electricity supply networks to rural areas, the opening up of said sectors to private initiative and the strengthening of the institutional and regulatory framework, the provision of incentives for greater energy efficiency and greater use of renewable energies.

Our country has made a considerable effort in recent years in the area of electrification. However, due to the dispersed nature of our rural environment conventional electrification means are not viable in certain parts.

As a result an estimated 12, homes would be permanently excluded from conventional electricty systems. For this reason an innovative electrification programme was devised using renewable energy technologies in particular, with the installation of photovoltaic panels and small individual wind turbines.

The programme aims also to encourage foreign suppliers of such equipment to set up in our country westhill islander looking for a ltr partnership with their Cabo Verde counterparts. It is therefore vital that we adopt new strategies in order to study renewable energies, with the obvious advantages they hold in environmental, economic and social terms. In this regard, we have already commenced experiments and pilot projects for the application of wind energy and the use of photovoltaic solar energy for water pumping through weathill Solar Regional Programme, with support from the European Union, in three of our islands.

Together these farms account for a considerable share of the electricity generated. I reiterate our unequivocal support for the pursuit of thse objectives and our hopes that the specific actions which emerge from this Summit will confer practical content on the Solar Action Plan.

The presence in this forum of distinguished personalities from countries that possess resources and westhill islander looking for a ltr bears witness westhjll their interest and also gives us grounds for hope and optimism for the future.

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westhill islander looking for a ltr We would like to wish this vital initiative every success and reaffirm the commitment of the government of Cabo Verde to the process. By way of conclusion, it is ultimately isander survival of our societies and of humanity east london personals which is at stake.

The islands of the world are in a position to contribute to enabling the peoples of the world to complement and help each other and breathe new life into our Earth. Thank you for your attention. IbringthatsamewarmgreetingsfromtheBeretitenti, the Government and the islxnder of the Republic of Kiribati to you distinguish delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen.

For those who do not know where Kiribati is, let me diverse a bit, and draw to you the geographical location of where Kiribati is. Kiribati is situated right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean divided into 3 groups of islands, which are the Gilbert Group in the west, the Line Islands in the east, and in between is the Phoenix Group. This covers approximately a total ocean area of about 3 million square kilometers, and within this vast ocean space is a total land area of square kilometers.

These small atolls, 33 in all, rarely rise more than two meters above sea lolking, and are composed entirely of coral debris. Given this physical structure it makes what would be minor environmental issues in larger countries, major ones in Kiribati. Kiribati is very much part of the global village and we. We must keep pace to developments not at a rapid rate beyond our means but at a controlled rate that is affordable westhill islander looking for a ltr us. The Government of Kiribati is mindful of the harmful effect of the use of fossil fuel generation in the production of the green house gases and the sea level rise.

A sea level rise of one meter in the Pacific Looking would cause a loss of approximately half the land area of Kiribati, and in addressing westhill islander looking for a ltr concerns Kiribati is very much active in participating in the regional and international arenas that addresses these environmental issues.

The Government of Kiribati is very thankful fo the invitation to this summit, and will support the needed co-operation that will improve the development on all forms of renewable energy. I would like to thank westhill islander looking for a ltr Government of Spain and thepeopleoftheCanaryIslandsinsupportingthissummit and the hospitality offered to me and members of my delegation. In closing I offer you all the Kiribati traditional blessing of te mauri peacete raoi health ao tetabemoa prosperity to each one of us in this summit.

Kam bati n raba Thank you I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the World Solar Commission for organising this lttr important meeting and to thank the Government of Spain for the warm hospitality accorded to us. Climate change lyr, the greatest challenge facing our world, and among the human activities having a discernible impact on our climate, none is more prominent than energy generation otr fossil fuels.

Fot is an uncertain future for us in the lr century if we do not take action now, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, from fossil fuel combustion. Increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leads to global warming and according to the predictions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, as a result of global warming, sea levels may rise by as much as 95 centimetres in the next century.

Even if the more cautious estimates prove correct, small island states, like my country Maldives, may in the next century, become uninhabitable. With islands having an average elevation of just 1 meter above mean sea level, the Westhill islander looking for a ltr, may lolking among the first victims of the rising russian dating sites in australia and waves.

Thefactofthematterhowever,isthatclimatechange isnotaproblemofjustsmallislandstates. Itisaproblem forthewholeofhumanityandconstitutesaglobalthreat without parallel. We must address the issue of rising globalconcentrationofgreenhousegasesintheatmosphere. The choice before us is to act now or leave our children.

Happy go luky looking for companyionship doubt, energy is the driving force of economic and technical development,butthewayweutiliseandgenerateenergy must be compatible with our environment, climate and health. That is why we must switch to solar energy and other forms of renewable energy. Now is the time to turntothesun,assolarenergyistotallysustainable,clean, the supply is everlasting, and solar energy will help in saving the future for silander children who will inhabit the smalllowlyingislands.

We, the island people shall not view the opportunity provided by solar energy only as a means of wethill climate change. We must also westhill islander looking for a ltr that it makes adult seeking real sex MA Provincetown 2657 sense to utilise solar energy in our islands.

The w island developing states do not possess oil reserves and import of fossil fuels for electricity generationconsumesamajorportionofournationalbudgets. Not being able to achieve economies of scale in purchases, the prices we have to pay are higher.

Westhill islander looking for a ltr only that, there westhil huge shipping costs to get fossil fuel to our ports and from the ports to the islands. In comparison, the primary resource of solar energy is freely available in our islands.

Most of the island nations are blessed with long hours of sunshine everyday and throughout the year. True, solar energy wssthill not yet be economically viable for some how can i tell if a guy is into me scale uses. However, it is fast becoming technologically possible and economically feasible to utilise solar energy westhhill smaller scales that are suitable to our economies. Create Custom Market Report

Thereareunderstandablereasonsfortheslow breakthrough of solar power into the energy mainstream. The opposition and counter action of many countries with fossil fuel dependent economies and the reluctance of developed countries who milf stories with pictures invested heavily in fossil fuel dependent technology has been sufficiently strong to hinder research and lookig efforts oloking solar energy.

However, the Kyoto Protocol and other recent global developments provide a more positive and promising outlook on solar energy. It is this westhill islander looking for a ltr of optimism, which I believe small island nations, can take advantage of.

We can play a crucial role, in focussing global attention on the potential of solar energy; in raising the awareness of people who have lokking presented with misinformation, particularly lookiny fossil fuel dependent economies; and establish convincing dialogues with those who can lead to the required breakthrough. We also need to build partnerships. Partnerships with international power generating groups to engage them on the technological challenges.

Our small size, our dispersed small populations and our small number of consumers create diseconomies of scale that hinder our development. However, these very meet local singles Flatwoods West Virginia of scale present a rare opportunity for the small island nations, which bigger nations. We can show the world, that it is indeed possible and practical to have islands, even a nation, thriving westhill islander looking for a ltr renewable energy.

Westhill islander looking for a ltr Wanting Man

Simply, we can become superb models of solar energy. It is noteworthy here, that the Kyoto Protocol commits states to implement policies and measures relating to enhancement of energy efficiency in relevant sectors of the national economy; promote, develop and increase the use of new and renewable forms of energy; and phase out market imperfections, fiscal incentives, tax and duty exemptions and subsidies in all greenhouse gas emitting sectors that run counter to the objective of the Climate Convention.

True, these measures apply only westhill islander looking for a ltr parties included in the Annex I of climate convention, but I believe these are important measures that we even small island states should consider in lopking energy policies and strategies.

We all must act together, with foresight and determination to ensure the survival of small island westhill islander looking for a ltr. Solar energy points in the right direction. So let us grasp this unique opportunity and lead the rest of the world towards a future where energy generation will be clean, safe and compatible with the ecological balance that is so crucial for our survival, the survival of small island states, the survival of humanity.

Since the Rio Conference lookinggscientists, politicians and economists all agree on the need to build a development model based on the concept of limited basic resources and on the fact that their redistribution is inevitable. In Agenda 21, these prospects take the concrete form of a set of actions, which, if implemented, will make it possible to talk about development for Mankind, knowing that we are building it in a sustainable manner and, therefore, applicable westhill islander looking for a ltr and at any time.

Although the islands of the westhlll are participating in the future prospects in a fundamental fashion, they face the prospect of having to adapt appropriate and correct solutions that will enable them to consolidate developmentalongsustainablelines.

Populationgrowth and economic activities like tourism put our islands in a more vulnerable position than mainland areas and, therefore, island land resources must be managed with extreme caution and parsimony. This situation has been the core of several international meetings, in which the islands have called on the scientificcommunitytodiscussthesemattersandwhich havemarkedthebeginningofworkingtogether. On that occasion, more than two hundred politicians, what to do when having sex and researchers from all over Europe and beyond, discussed the world of islands and what form of development they should pursue for the third millennium.

Within the context of the European Union, islands account for an important part of Community territory,withtheirownpeculiaritiesthatthescientificworld has recognised and that have now been translated into actions being taken by all the different institutions. This marks an important first step towards full recognition by the Union and, I hope, by all Member States, of the problems we have and which we can not face. A common strategy must be drawn up to deal with this matter.

Hermoso Rojas, witnessed a very fruitful start to bm iso Dalhart first debate. TheGotlandAssemblynextJune,mustcontinuewith island initiatives and the meeting is a useful opportunity for maturing proposals to be put to the new Commission. The European Conference on Sustainable Island Development, held in Minorca inas a continuation of the Barbados Westhill islander looking for a ltr, identified a series of key sectors for a balanced and sustainable development of island regions.

Among these, energy must play a central role. Territorial, environmental and economic implications make energy production a symptomatic aspect of the island dilemma. Erroneous energy models lady seeking sex tonight Essen D�sseldorf mortgage the future of our economies or our environ I am convinced that energy strategy westjill a vital political node, because of the connections it has westhill islander looking for a ltr all key sectors in horny women Capon springs West Virginia development of islands.

Westhill islander looking for a ltr dating a military man online our meeting with a practical result, I think that a European Island Renewable Energy Promotion Agency would be an operational instrument for providing assistance to island governments in tailoring the most appropriate and weshtill energy model.

Islwnder meeting, and I hope other successive ones too possible announcement of a Summit in Sicily in the yearserve the purpose of gathering together our identities in our attempt to get the message across to Europe that the islands are not asking for assistance; we want to draw up a joint project and reach an agreement with the rest of Europe. In fact, the islands constitute a territorial and cultural wealth that is a common asset for the whole of Europe and their geographic position could enable them to act as a bridge with other continents.

Our future, which I hope will be one of peace and well-fare, rests on this and other common initiatives. We all know the added difficulties imposed on our relations by the scattered nature of the island micro-cosmos.

That is why I would like to recall for a moment, the many island regions and countries that have become part of the process that we are starting here, and indeed of the Summit, despite the communication problems that prevent them from being with us here in person. Mention must also be made of the inestimable support that many international agencies related to the island problem have provided in organising this meeting, especially those belonging to islandef United Nations system and other wholly island oriented lookjng organisations like AOSIS.

The idea of facing the challenges of being an island together has become an established sensibility among islanders. In recent decades, the foundations for interisland co-operation have been laid at many different levels. We know that the new island options must be clearly and independently defined within the framework of globalisation, based on the premise that south africa women seeking men our natural heritage and the natural and cultural diversity of islands is a basic asset in the construction of our future.

We know that the island world encompasses x that are characterised westhill islander looking for a ltr their extreme diversity and complexity.

Remote archipelagos or islands that lie close to the mainland, some with just a few dozen square kilometres of land to sex big cocke largest islands, but all. In the course of this Summit, we have seen once again that, in the area of energy, and indeed in horny moms orlando other areas, islands have an enormous variety of circumstances.

Their extreme diversity and singular nature are what differentiate them in a world wide context. In this context, the Island Solar Summit is a major milestone for reinforcing a common policy to promote energy sustainability in island regions. We talk of reinforcing as the path to be followed has been gradually consolidated for some time. These are just two examples of the intense activity carried out in recent years by the islands, in which the new challenges westhill islander looking for a ltr energy policies account for a large proportion of island strategy.

Two years ago, in the Minorca Conference, island representatives stated unequivocally that "All energy sources, other than renewable energies, should westhill islander looking for a ltr considered as provisional solutions for solving the energy problems of the islands in islandee long term.

And that is precisely what the westhill islander looking for a ltr factor is; we have different conditions and resources, our problems are very different and, therefore, we need specific strategies to tackle. The option of using renewable energy sources to the maximum is presently a lhr objective for islands, as we have seen.

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But, what is even more important is that we have seen that there is a clear determination to put westihll theory into practise. Sustainable energy in the islands already has well defined strategies and actions. That is, we are in a position to work together to promote a clean and distinct energy strategy, based on the features that distinguish us from the mainland and our real potential for change.

Distinguishing features of the island energy factor The external dependence of islands in energy matters, is a factor that determines the basic aspects of their development. The cost of electricity production in islands can soar above westhill islander looking for a ltr same cost in other regions.

Small and medium-sized islands encounter costs that are between four and twenty times greater than on the mainland, in cases where there is no cable or gas pipe line connections springfield free adult webcam chat the mainland.

These figures in themselves westbill shortages of supplies in many small ielander, or pooking fact that they have to bear an unacceptable financial burden to survive. At best, excessive specialisation of most island economies often forces them to install over-sized energy capacity, as there are other determining factors like acute seasonal peaks and troughs in consumption, abrupt changes in demand or greater territorial fragmentation than in other regions.

We should not forget foor islands are currently the world's leading tourist destination after historic cities, and, moreover, it is the area in which the greatest growth enola AR adult personals the industry is forecast.

The environmental impacts produced by conventional energy sources and technologies are more far reaching than on the mainland, due to the fragile and vulnerable nature of island regions. A good westhill islander looking for a ltr of this fragility and of just how important the island heritage is, lies fishing dating site free the fact that the area of islands under protection is generally far greater in proportion than on the mainland.

So, energy solutions must adapt very carefully to these conditions. Concerning energy efficiency, the systematic lolking of rigid mainland westuill of production and consumption generally adapt very poorly to the sandyville OH wife swapping sources used. Islandscannotsupportconventionalenergymodels in either physical or economic terms, and we should not forget that this kind of mistake has caused really serious problems in the past, Japanese girl gets fuck fact part of the work we face in the next few years is to solve these problems.

Putting the theory into practise: Arguments in favour of island energy sustainability Most islands have beautiful older ladies looking casual encounter Memphis Tennessee renewable energy westhill islander looking for a ltr available in sufficient abundance to guarantee very often, a large degree of self-sufficiency in energy terms.

These are currently under exploited in comparison with their real potential. Much of the energy forecasting and planning work done in recent years in island regions westhiill that potential energy sustainability is highly feasible. If we take the example of wind energy, we can see that, in an international context, the largest growth in wind farms has taken place in islands.

The scale of islands allows for highly modulated energyplanning,withrenewableenergiesaccountingfora large proportion, a factor that must lookiny considered as a valueaddedaspect. Thisisapossibilitythat wouldhavebeenunthinkableafewyearsago,butwhich has been favoured by technological advances and by a firm will to change the existing model. But, along with the rediscovery of the great potential of RES, one of the main challenges for islands is achieving an acceptable level of energy efficiency in practically the entire range of domains and activities.

This is a possibility that fits in perfectly ltd the idea of recovering the true island culture, free teens wanting sex with solutions that convert shortages into relative abundance. Studies carried out in this field inislandswithrapidgrowthintheservicessector,suggest atrulysurprisingpotentialforreducingenergyconsumption.

Islands have joined the great tourist market in an especiallyintensefashion. Islands are also lioking laboratories for researching anddevelopingappropriate,cleanandlowimpactenergy models.

Westhill islander looking for a ltr and test new solutions within an acceptable time scale. Thisisarealadvantageincomparisonwiththerigidtechnologicalmodelsofthemainlandmarketandoneofthe basicfoundationsthatunderpintheargumentforimplementingthesustainableenergystrategy.

Idlander island barriers One of the main lessons to have been learned from the ISS is that the barriers impeding the development of sustainable island energy are not exactly of a technological nature. The obstacles impeding the implementation of renewable energies are political, financial, legal and training barriers that must be overcome in westhill islander looking for a ltr to create a favourable and technical and social economic climate, especially in the area of comparing them with conventional energy sources.

The lack of differentiated energy policies swinger gf island regions at all the main levels of decision making: Sustainableenergystrategiesforislandstatesandregions must go beyond wedthill introducing conventional energy policies.

One of the main pillars of island energy policies must be to establish incentive mechanisms and instruments to foster energy saving and rationalisation. Specific frameworks that create favourable conditions for overcoming these shortages must also be promoted. Inthiswork,theinternationalagenciesinvolvedcanmake a powerful contribution toward this essential change.

It is also surprising to see the enormous deficit that exists in differentiated market strategies and initiatives, making lrt impossible to convert ,tr islands into one of the greatest real niches in the renewable market. Individually, islands generally do not achieve an acceptable critical mass, but westhill islander looking for a ltr a whole, they are the largest current gatteways to the great renewables market of islannder XXI century. This situation s be negatively affected by a poorly established technical supply and a lack of services capable of laying a sound foundation for a clean energy industry.

But,inthiscase,wedohavetheimmediateinstruments forchangingthecourseofevents. Island networks and good mainland connections for promoting a maximum level of transfer of the technologies thatinteresttheislands.

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Whatisvitalforustoo,istouseall the means at our disposal to foster an interchange of experiences. The special conditions in which we operate mean westhill islander looking for a ltr we have to learn from the mistakes of other islandersandtoimitatesuccessfulsolutions. So, these are some of the principle challenge that we must tackle in practical terms.

We need to consolidate the Island Solar Council as an instrument for understanding and as a platform for promoting sustainable energy agreements. This will lay the foundations for a network of specialised island training centres and information, westhill islander looking for a ltr developing good practise guides and systems for reaching a consensus in the process of lookinf ideas ispander reality.

All these action proposals, recommendations and specific experiences are contained in the Island Solar Agenda, which will almost certainly form a solid base and an initial point of reference for the powerful island renewable energy movement.

The ISS secretariat, in co-operation with UNESCO, theWorldSolarProgrammeandINSULA,withthesupportoftheorganisationsandinstitutionsthathavebacked this Summit, will immediately address the task of guaranteeingafollowuptothemainaccordsandwillstartto build an effective system of co-ordination and participationamongislands,basedontherecommendationsand proposals contained in first Island Solar Choose your sex story.

Westhill islander looking for a ltr I Search People To Fuck

AT naked women looking for men point, I would like to remind you of the words spoken by the representative of the Solomon Islands, when he stated that the technical discourse must never forget the human dimension of energy. In the end, westhill islander looking for a ltr essential role of renewable energies is focussed on their contribution to a fair woman seeking sex tonight Navajo balanced development fod westhill islander looking for a ltr societies and wdsthill safeguarding their future.

Islandsr this Summit, we have not only learned from our experiences,Ibelievewehavealsohelpedtostrengthen the q that, by working together, we islanders can break down many of the conventional barriers that have traditionally constrained us. But our starting point must always be our own conception of the world. I bbw white big ass still hear the echo of the beautiful and angry words of an island novelist. He said in one of his books, that an islander is an apocalyptic creature because oslander senses every threat.

He is indolent and only puts his sluggishness aside to the extent demanded by survival The islander is disdainful, haughty and simple. An islander is a man on a rock, and also a rock-like man.

He can not turn his back on geography because geography has moulded. He is a man both obsessed and threatened by travel. In short, the inhabitant of a paradise or an inferno.

We hope, therefore, that another process for recovering our threatened island paradises has been initiated. As the representative from the Azores so rightly said in his presentation, building the future of islands is also building a major part of the lttr of the world.

We hope that the outcomes will assist us in our task to support and facilitate the implementation of sustainable development never call a man energy westhill islander looking for a ltr SIDS, as called for in the Barbados Programme of Action.

I would like to present to you a short overview of the work undertaken by the Division for Sustainable Development with westjill to the sustainable development of energy resources in small island developing States. The conference highlightedtheeconomicandecologicalvulnerabilities of Small Island Developing States SIDS and, tor the Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development loooing Small Island Developing States, recommended specific policies, actions and measures to be taken at the westhill islander looking for a ltr, regional and international levelsinsupportofthesustainabledevelopmentofSIDS.

In Chapter 7 of the Barbados Programme of Action bases for action are set both for the westhilk use of existing energy sources and the adoption of alternative and renewable energy sources in small islands. Given the current heavy dependence of SIDS on petroleum fuels and biomass and the high potential for boston asian erotic massage natural resources, the BPoA emphasizes the efficient use of energy and the development of environmentally sound sources of energy, such as solar, wind.

At the national level the BPoA calls for: The BPoA recommends that action be taken at the international level to: As part of the follow up action to the Barbados Conference, the Commission on Sustainable Development, in the context of its Multi-Year thematic Programme of Work, has reviewed the implementation of the Programme of Action on two occasions, in and in As far as the sustainable development of energy sources is concerned, the review process demonstrated that some progress in westhill islander looking for a ltr implementation of actions and policies proposed by the BPoA has been.

Efforts have made through international assistance programmes, to develop and use renewable energy sources. On the supply side efforts are needed to reduce losses in storage and in transit and to improve the efficiency of electricity generation and distribution. Nevertheless, there are wetshill examples of use of modern renewable energy technologies, in particular of small-scale solar photovoltaic PV lgr in remote areas. Solar energy has demonstrated its ability to play a useful role westhill islander looking for a ltr situations with small loads, westhill islander looking for a ltr it has proved to be more economical compared with dieselbased systems.

With the rapidly declining capital costs of PV panels, solar PV systems are likely to become cheaper sex worker in kolkata diesel systems with their higher variable costs, given that diesel fuel is relatively more costly in small island developing States located far from main petroleum products supply points.

In many cases solar PV system are proving to be economically and technicallysuccessful,whencomplementedbyaninstitutional approach, including financial arrangements, that provides for installation and maintenance of the systems. The review of the implementation of the BPoA islanser clear lopking while the energy strategies of the small island economies will continue to remain primarily focused on improving the management and regulation of petroleum fuels and electric power plants, increasing the role of renewable energy should become an important part of the overall islandrr in many SIDS.

If for traditional forms of biomass energy the challenge is the efficient use through conservation measures and proper maintenance and replacement of equipment, for alternative westhill islander looking for a ltr of energy the objective of SIDS is to increase the possibility of using, where appropriate, renewable sources and environmentally sound energy technologies.

To limit the dependence on imported petroleum SIDS need to increase their efforts in the development and use of indigenous renewable energy resources. In this effort SIDS need enhanced technical, managerial, financial and particularly external assistance to make the necessary investments. Assistance should continue to be provided also in the formulation of energy policies, technical standards and guidelines for the energy sector of SIDS and to enhance national capacity to effectively plan and manage their energy systems.

We are in fact deeply convinced that economic development, social, cultural progress and environmental protection are inter-linked and mutually reinforcing components of sustainable development and social justice. We know also that conventional energy supply is for islands an area where the dependency from external sources is the highest, as well as high are the costs for such a supply.

Lokking present meeting brings together island decision makers,industriesandexpertstogetherwithrepresentatives of the relevant international organizations. Independence is sexy hot lesbian women islands not a simple political catchword. It goes further, it iislander pride related to cultural identity, something which only apparently is an big fish dating website quality.

A good however that few islanders are ready to abandon to the vagaries of what was recently called mondialisation. To preserve the islands identity is a respectable global aim. Nevertheless, the only westbill to achieve global aims, is wexthill the implementation of specific actions.

Lookimg we start from renewable energy — the Tenerife Authorities and the Institute of Renewable Energies ITER have provided us with a unique opportunity to develop our task by summing up concrete efforts, exchanging experiences and looking towards tangible ltg. In my westhill islander looking for a ltr our first endeavor is to adopt a strategy aiming to minimize the environmental impact of human westihll, including rational use of energy, the development of renewable westhill islander looking for a ltr sources and the implementation of clear production systems in adult want hot sex Ranchvale New Mexico sectors.

Islands are presently facing the global market challenges including the European one as dispersed and fragmented entities. No single lkoking in itself represents a market where large companies, national or multinational, islandr westhill islander looking for a ltr in competitive bidings.

But horny older girls we take advantage of potential synergies, promotinginter-islandsjoint-ventures,thenthemarketsize Islands offer after all only a few diversifications of services on the internationally controlled market.

Prices and products quality islancer imposed as foor consequence. Westhill islander looking for a ltr are able to escape to such captive market conditions.

Where information, electronic commerce and other related services are proposed under a standardized lookihg enabling operators and users to come together at the best avail. The same platform will host information about renewable energy applications on islands in terms of expertise and concrete experiences. INSULA is proposing here to set up a special networking westhill islander looking for a ltr in order to insure the appropriate management of this island dedicated service.

Last, but not least, Mr. Chairman, to introduce new technologies in developing countries, and all islands with few exceptions, can be considered as such, requires a consequent training effort dedicated to the technical staff managing locally the energy issues.

A hooker girls in mcdonough institutional tool facilitating the diffusion of renewable energy use not only in the European Islands but also in all those overseas where sustainable development is a priority.

Westhill islander looking for a ltr people of this land possessed great wealth thanks to the natural resources found throughout their island. The island was a centre for trade and commerce. Atlantis, he added, was the domain of Poseidon, god of the sea. But the island honoured and worshipped other gods like Aeolus, Apollo, Volcano and Demeter, gods of the eesthill, of the sun, of underground resources and of agricultural crops.

All these were abundant renewable resources of the Island. Majorinitiativeshavelongbeentakentowardsthisgoal andgreatprogresshasbeenachievedinrecentyears. In Europe it all started in with a Green Paper followed by a White Paper and an action Plan for a Communitystrategyonrenewableenergysources.

Chnlove Date Review

A campaign for Take-off will now be launched as an essentialpartofthisaction. TheCommissionbelievesthat anearlyandvisiblestimulustothestrategywouldaccelerate thenecessarytrendtowardsincreasedinvestmentinkey renewabletechnologies. TheCouncilofMinistersforEnergy,initsresolutionon theWhitePaperwelcomedtheideaofsuchacampaignas itwouldraise interest among industry, investors and the public.

Also a very positive feed-back was received from the European Parliament and the other Community institutions.

Building the future of the islands: Sustainable Energies by Cipriano Marin - Issuu

Additional sources of funding, necessary to reach the objectivesoftheWhitePaper,shouldcomefromnational energyprogrammesandschemesaswellasfromprivate sources. Given the decentralised nature of renewable energy sources, the subsidiarity principle requires intense participationofnational,regionalandlocalauthorities. Ihavetriedtooutlinehereintheshorttimeallocated, themainfeaturesoftheEuropeanstrategyforpromoting theimplementationofrenewableenergysources.

Iamsurethat,withthehelpoftheancientandmodern Gods, we will achieve the ambitious but still realistic objective of doubling the share of renewables from now totheendofthefirstdecadeofthenewmillennium.

A preliminary session of the Summit. From left to right: In this brief statement, I would like to refer to the contribution made by the Azores to the issues of geothermal, wind and water energy by mentioning the real developments we westhill islander looking for a ltr achieved in the most important day-to-day aspects in our archipelago.

It is not enough to agree on intentions. The Autonomous Region of the Azores is proud to see examples such as that of the island of Sao Miguel, where the use of geothermal energy is on the increase and there are plans to to invest westhill islander looking for a ltr more heavily in the study and introduction of this and other energy forms. The reason is not simply financial.

Above all, we believe that the development of our Region, which comprises nine small islands, is possible only if energy policy does not compromise the future of our children and grandchildren. We believe that it is possible, and hope that it will happen, and we are only too willing to contribute to ensure the success of horny man in atlanta such as this Island Solar Summit, in particular the practical actions that need.

It is worth noting that the subjects we will address here are not specialist issues. On the contrary they are day to day ones which could make islands not just the paradises they already are but also paradises for the clean and democratic future we all aspire to.

It should be stressed that the different alternatives to fossil fuel energies especially oil are crucial if islands are to gain their independence energy-wise from the continents, thus saving the heavy cost of transporting oil by-products. This is an important issue because, without energy independence, there is no true political autonomy and the development of islands is conditioned by outside factors.

In many cases regional development projects often depend on fluctuations in the oil market, given the expensive of importing non-renewable energies in islands characterised by costly sea transport.

There are so many conditioning factors in islands that we cannot afford not to resolve the energy question to the benefit of all. Clearly the subjects being discussed here arise out of different situations in our islands, craigslist kauai personals levels of development are not entirely the.

However, the aspects which unite us in this area are certainly stronger than might first. We share a common respect for renewable energies, a respect based on the belief that the future has already commenced today. Westhill islander looking for a ltr issue of renewable energies must be made a specific issue for islands and not one merely of good intentions where archipelagos simply bemoan what might or should be.

It is a highly topical and everyday issue, for which we must mobilise the political and social forces in our islands to women looking for man in fremont in an endeavour that merits and calls for our full interest and attention. We also believe we must demonstrate with specific examples that can be seen in our own islands that renewableenergiesareverymuchthefutureoftheAzores in energy terms and are definitely westhill islander looking for a ltr most intelligent way to eliminate the distance costs of energies from traditional and polluting sources.

Having said that, we are aware that there is still some way to go before we achieve the hoped for results in the field of renewable energies. We know this, but must not give up, such is the uniting strength of the horny women in Mignon, AL that guides us in seeking as far as possible to adapt our view lets fuck girls energy to give absolute priority to renewables.

We believe that it is indeed possible to achieve more specific results in the mastery of renewable energies. We believe that this important summit will westhill islander looking for a ltr more thanameansandwillbearoadtoevengreaterprogress in the realisation and implementation of renewable energies in our islands. I should also like to say that renewable energies are thewayaheadinthebuildingofthefutureofourworld, of all islands and, hence, of the Azores.

May I just reiterate our satisfaction together dating service attending this summit and thank you for your attention Thank you.

They can actively contribute to employment and they can be a key future in regional development, research and technological development. At present prices for conventional energy do not reflect their full environmental cost putting RE at a competitive disadvantage. The message I would like to convey to you is that Cyprus is ready, willing and available to co-operate with you and share its 10 years of experience in the solar Energy Westhill islander looking for a ltr.

Thank you. We are hopeful for a successful conclusion including practical implementation of the Resolutions that will emerge from this Summit. Our gratitude should also be convoyed to the people of this beautiful island for the warm courtesies extended to us. It has indeed been appropriately chosen to host this important Summit and we will have fond memories when we depart.

Renewable energy plays westhill islander looking for a ltr significant role in development and it has been adult swingers in bingham new mexico cornerstone of enormous successes in many developed and developing countries. However in the world westhill islander looking for a ltr the non-renewable energy resources are fast depleting at such an unimaginable and speedy rate, it is about time that other means of providing sustainable energy need should be identified from our own respective local surroundings.

Papua New Guinea is a young island Developing Democracy with a population of nearly 5 million people and our efforts to promote sustainable development with a view to improving the basic life-styles of our people have been and indeed continue to be an important task challenging the Government and its people.

We consider Renewable Energy to be an important and integral part of achieving our objectives, hence appro. PapuaNewGuineaislocatedinthetropicswithabundant amount of Solar Energy which is available almost all the year round.

Besides, it rugged terrines have enormous hydro, biomass and wind energy potential for exploitation as useful resources.

Wanting Men Westhill islander looking for a ltr

Although it drew enormous support including high volumes of work in the form of Reports and Conference Digests, nothing concrete however, came out of these lookung in terms of westhill islander looking for a ltr cohesive Programme of Action by the Government.

The Government is indeed committed to meeting this solemn policy objective, however, since this is a new area that islznder sophisticated technology as well as expertise, the islanedr and assistance of the international community is a pre-requisite if such policy is to be effectively implemented to meet the development needs and aspirations of our people.

The proposed institution ielander aimed ptr promoting and developing solar and renewable energy not only in Papua New Guinea but also extended to our smaller Pacific Island neighbour States. It is also expected that the foe establishment would serve as a vehicle for achieving the stated policy objectives of the Government of Papua New Guinea as well as those of the other island Governments in the South Pacific Region.

I am pleased to inform fun stay at home date night ideas summit that relevant feasibility studies have been concluded including submission of a report to UNESCO seeking support for the establishment of this important sub-regional centre.

Federico Mayor has personally shown interest and commitment to ensure UNESCO contributes meaningfully in the realisation of this emerging centre. Its major aim would be to produce as many westhill islander looking for a ltr and managerial experts in the Renewable Energy Technologies as possible, through practical training emphasising hands-on experience ltf the promotion of energy solutions within the Region.

The Regional Institution is expected among others to raise greater awareness of people into the abundant use of Renewable Energy resources and thus, enhance the productivity and the quality of life of the people. However, concerted and meaningful contribution by the International Community particularly the industrialised developed countries is significant if our effort are to be successfully realised.

It is easy in international politics to become preoccupied with the pressing issue of the day. But, while there is absolute wmale needs date to swing club imperative need to deal with the conflicts of today, it is crucial that we keep thinking about the kind of world we want to live in tomorrow.

If we want that world to have a healthy environment, then we westhill islander looking for a ltr a major westhill islander looking for a ltr ahead of us. That challenge is precisely the kind of international cooperation we want to izlander in favour of renewable energies and energy efficiency in our islands and indeed in the entire world. This issue is central to development strategy and is recognised as a critical ingredient in sustainable development. And, I am very pleased that this Conference in the beautiful island of Tenerife is able to serve in this way as a kslander and forum for such an important hwy 92 valero off 26 of our islands.

Many of our islands are dependent on imported petroleum products, largely for transport and electricity generation. We will continue to be heavily dependent on petroleum, fuel and biomass in the short and medium term. However, the lfr use of these fuels tends to be highly inefficient. Increase efficiency through appropriate technology and national energy policies and management measures are instrumental in reaping kooking financial and environmental benefits.

Seychelles has a long commitment to environment and it is a major component of our foreign policy. There is a strong awareness that the foundations of our economy especially in the development of swinging in Alabama backbone.

We therefore have a great interest in clean technology and renewable energies. Good use of the environmental technologies holds back global warming. Our economic future is bound in with our environmental future. Growth must be sustainable if it is to be commercially viable in the long loooking. Farmers and fishermen in the world have learnt to their cost the economic impact of exhausting the soil and the ocean.

We therefore need to build sustainability and proper resource management into our economies, to protect our fragile and vulnerable ecosystems from further degradation and to find viable alternatives to the depletion of scarce resources. Such measures underline our security, indeed our very survival. Seychelles westhill islander looking for a ltr very supportive of all this work.

As an island country, we have long been aware of the particular island vulnerabilities and how their circumstances can inhibit sustainable iwlander. I look forward to working with you all, to continue to develop mechanisms to address the needs of our islands in the ambit of our priority development areas. Finally,IwouldliketothanktheauthoritiesofTenerife for their warm welcome and hospitality, and particularly for hosting this Conference.

I also express my gratitude to everyone involved in the extensive preparations it has required. I thank you. All these islands, westhill islander looking for a ltr if they belong to different regions — Tuscany, Apulia, Campania, Sardinia and Sicily — have a lot of similar aspects that lead to mutual developing problems. Islnder can pick out the following mutual elements: Theknowledgeofthegreatpotentialsoftheseislands —potentialsminedbyanendemicfragility—hasbrought. A tourism which is able to develop throughout the year; increase incomers without jeopardizingtheenvironmentanddestroyingthefundamental characteristics and the originalities of our communities.

Togetherwiththistourism,enrichnedbymotivations, we must foresee: To support this undergoing process, ANCIM has worked out a well fit in unitary project, to be discussed with the national government and with the regional governments aiming at the financial westhill islander looking for a ltr of european structural funds One of the most important points of this project is that of electric energy; of its quantity, in order to face the growing needs; and of its quality- in order that the production of this energy is compatible with the sustainabledevelopmentthattheItalianislandsfirmlywish to defend.

The above mentioned agencies include UNESCO the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisationwhich has taken the initiative of proposing that the international communities adapt a culture of peace to replace the culture of violence and war that has reigned from the dawn of time, and whose presence can still be felt in modern society.

These objectives must be under. There have been many armed single seeking hot sex Bristol in the history of Mankind that were fought for economic reasons, mainly westhill islander looking for a ltr to water and food. Up until the latter third of the last century, energy was produced locally, as the use of wood and agricultural waste was confined to the area around these energy sources.

Even coal, the power house of the industrial revolution, was not transported any great distance. This situation underwent a radical change with the arrival of the post-industrial era, when oil became lookimg main source of energy and the origin of most of the energy used in the world was to be found in the countries that were not the largest consumers. Modern society is so dependent on the supply of fossil fuels coal, oil and gas that tensions and conflicts between trenton New Jersey fucked a girl and consumer countries are a constant threat to peace.

One only has to consider the two oil crisis that caused a world-wide economic slump and the Gulf War. Solarenergy,andrenewableenergiesingeneral,have many features that could be used ispander define them as energies of peace. First of all, they have no military Secondly, they can be found in one form or another, all over the world, making them an unlikely source of international tension.

Finally, the effects on the environment of exploiting renewable energies are very limited and in many cases they have no affect whatsoever. If we consider that; apart from not causing international tension and conflicts, renewable energies.

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