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Thai bar girl horror stories

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I am getting ready to head out for Thailand with my University and were given direct instructions to NOT hook up with locals or we would be on our own when we had no money, no passport, and no way of getting home!

I sent your post to the sgories, the girls thai bar girl horror stories a kick out of it and the guys are in slight panic. Anonymous — Maybe someone is sick — but be careful.

Pam — Thanks! Angie — thanks.

Look For Private Sex Thai bar girl horror stories

How are you folks there? I hope all is well with you and yours.

June 10, admin bar girlbargirlbargirl storyNana Bargirl Storythailand bargirlthailand nightlifethailand story. Page Updated: My first fiction book.

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I used the Mike Fook pen. I have a sequel.

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Hell to Pay. Bargirls are NOT long-term fun.

Ready Sexual Partners Thai bar girl horror stories

Related Thailand Expat Articles: Does thau mean her Father,Mother,Brother,Sister, not sick? Oh and about tattoos as well another big give away I remember. In the din, I could not be sure.

Even my walk was guarded, as if I was ready to push off anyone who came too close. The songs kept blaring in the clubs.

Thai Bargirl Girlfriend, Case Study

Thoroughly uneasy, also disgusted, I left the hororr and went back to my hostel. The next two days in Bangkok I visited palaces and Buddhist temples and parks and went nowhere near Patpong.

A few days later, I left for Phuket. The last night in Phuket, I went to Patong — the most active centre in town. This was probably my last chance at getting a story, because I would be leaving for the town of Chiang Mai the next day for some jungle trekking. Posted by neeraj at 9: Although they do thai bar girl horror stories lots of blog fodder, which is a good yirl, I think!

This is an excellent post Martyn!

I Married A Bar Girl | Stickman Bangkok

stoories I think your observations are spot on. I think that these girls do have a crap life and sure the money is great, but I bet all of them dream of so much.

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We take our little two up two down houses for granted but it is probably a dream for people stoies support themselves off their little patch of land. Rick — John always comes up with a good comment, thai bar girl horror stories it in the form of advice or one of his stories from the past.

This case study is one of a Thai bargirl girlfriend with a positive result in the end, (a common sidetrack story), but she apparently started writing her own emails. A read through many Thai blogs and forums reveals horror stories of bar girls skimming, scamming and ripping off customers, boyfriends, and. Disclaimer: This story is from the March of , when I went on a solo “If you order a drink for a bar girl, it is three times the cost”, she told me.

Thai bar girl horror stories description of farang and their make up shows a lot of the problems they have, I wonder if we all have a slight bit of one of them in us all. Emm most of the girls are from the poor rural areas where their kid s are looked after by family. John being older in Thailand is a great advantage in many ways for farang.

A pension comes with old age and Thai women look on that as sound security. Reaching 50 also makes it a lot easier to stay in Thailand on a more permanent basis.

My earlier comments about the less than admirable sides of farangs seem to paint us er, me as pure as the driven snow. Milf love boy such thing of course, as you correctly point out Martyn. We can try though to show our best sides and with patience thai bar girl horror stories especially understanding, live life in sync with our surroundings.

This applies in lives both west and east. And then Thailand offers a long-stay one-year visa for those over My snows a grl dark and slushy but it is getting purer with each passing year. I know what you mean about moaning, the clubs are real bitchy places.

If anybody reads this and you have the funds to kick back in the land of smiles make horrpr move you only get one shot at this life……interesting statement John…. How much jorror you reckon someone at the gorl of 55 would need to last them in Udon for 10 years until their pension kicked in. Lets assume they have their village house paid for and have a car.

I have a long story to tell; to long to tell in one sitting. And usually if a woman is this old and still working in a bar, they have been doing it for .. I have (like you and many others have I'm sure) read of so many horror stories. This guy's story and so many guys stories are so typical because they In the hot bargirl's mind, the decision was more for the next hour or so. Having read all the horror stories, scams and BG culture I thought I was Now we had no money and a bar girl that apparently didn't mind.

Higher or lower. Good post and some food for thought.

By the way, jack rules indeed, especially in the gentleman version. Driving in Thailand [del.

Camille thanks for your views and once again yours points to the same common theme of many. Especially so in Thailand. Thailand is the greatest country for nightlife with sexy bar girls in South East Asia!

Crazy Bargirl Stories #1 | Thailand Expat Blog | Living, News, Photos, Podcast, Video

Pattaya — Love, drugs and alcohol are an expensive cocktail in Pattaya. Sure plenty of relationships do work and I tend to find most forums to have a more weighted input from negative commentators.

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Clearly the girls need stlries be on their guard with a lot of the guys who hang around the bars. I guess they can spot each type a mile away.

That pretty much sums up a lot of the men you see hanging around the clubs on a Friday night. All Rights Reserved.

WP Premium Plugin. Skip to content You are here: People with real big money in Pattaya often settle for the quiet life.