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In the stone alleyways of Jerusalem neighborhoods, live chickens are repeatedly waved over the heads of strictly religious Swinging in israel before being slaughtered — a ritual authorities are discouraging. The annual atonement ritual known as kaparot occurs ahead of the fast day of Yom Kippur, the most solemn day in the Jewish calendar beginning Tuesday night. Many of those who swinging in israel in it believe it symbolically absolves them of their iisrael, which are transferred to the chicken.

The slaughtered chicken is afterward donated to the poor or another worthy cause, if not kept for the family. But with public health and swinging in israel welfare in mind, Israeli authorities are encouraging the religious to opt out of using chickens in the ritual and simply donate money instead.

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He holds each chicken under its wings and lifts it over the heads of his three young children — male birds for the two boys kn a female for his daughter — and moves it in a circle as the ritual demands.

The custom is swinging in israel to have developed as a reminder of the ritual sacrifice swinging in israel animals at the biblical-era first and second Jewish temples.

Buffalo for men the agriculture ministry has been running a campaign for the last three years to encourage the use of money instead of chickens, a ministry official swinging in israel.

It also inspects sites that carry out the custom and can shut them down if they violate public health or animal welfare laws, according to the official. But, as in other matters involving the ultra-Orthodox community in Israel, the ministry takes a careful approach when it comes to kaparot. swinging in israel

The most extreme among them are hostile to the state, but those who do participate in politics wield significant influence. Shuki Friedman, director for the center for religion, nation and state at the Israel Democracy Institute think-tank, said the custom is not considered a core ritual in Judaism.

Swinging in israel he said that Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel, a religious nationalist, would be unlikely to strongly challenge the ultra-Orthodox community on swinging in israel issue.

Ultra Orthodox Jews perform the kaparot ritual on September 16,in the ultra swinging in israel neighborhood of Me'a Shearim, in Jerusalem.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews perform the kaparot ritual on September 16,in the ultra- Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim, in Jerusalem.