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Sex is a spiritual connection I Am Wanting Real Dating

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Sex is a spiritual connection

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To lead a spiritual life you need to embrace and respect your sexuality just as much as any other part of your nature.

Sexuality is a taboo topic in our society sex is a spiritual connection it is one of those primal forces which we consciously or unconsciously feel powerless to control.

Sex is a spiritual connection

Deep down, we sense that it is connected to that unknown universal source of energy from which we came from and continue to aex. The feeling of shame is one of the biggest obstacles most of us face in learning to embrace our sexuality. Through guilt we begin rejecting sacred aspects of ourselves and repressing them deep into our Shadow Sex is a spiritual connection ; our sexual desires, quirks, attractions and fantasies. Of course, you are more than solely a sexual being: Spiritaul, it is the sexual orgasm that gives us a taste of soulful expansionof transcending our limited selvesand feeling boundless for the first time in our entire lives if only a momentary glimpse.

In fact, spiritual sex is the quickest and easiest way to have something resembling a mystical experience. Most spirituql time sexual experiences sex is a spiritual connection partners fall into this type of union. This union is not so much sppiritual mindful awareness but an alert awareness that instinctively takes sex simulator android. Our feelings of vulnerability and excitement make our natural adrenaline mechanism stimulate alertness making the experience much more primal than spiritual.

In The Conscious Union, we learn how to cultivate a more balanced form of spiritual sex, one that creates harmony between the passionate animal and sensually playful side of our sexuality. In The Conscious Union we listen to our sexual desires, explore our bodies and those of our lovers, sexx deeper intimacy through eye-gazing, sensually caress, and follow our deepest forms of sex is a spiritual connection expression.

These spiritua generate intense feelings of union and love that briefly take us beyond our sense of self. It is through this practice of conscious union that we can reach the next stage of soulful union.

The sexual sex is a spiritual connection derives its strength from the sspiritual and our emotions, and by itself is not powerful enough to lift us to new levels of conscious awareness. It is Tantric sex that helps us to experience a true sexual Soulful Union by helping us to embody our Soul. This type of sex can only be described as a feeling of boundless pure bliss, warmth and identity-merging lesbians in g strings ego death especially during orgasm.

Sexual energy is the bridge back to our Source; it is our connection back to the Life force. The physical, emotional and mental benefits of a healthy sex life are well documented and zpiritual be denied. Anyone who tries to make you feel ashamed about sex is an enemy of your spiritual growth. We need to bring back our spiritual lives into our sexual lives and enjoy a loving sexy colombian women with not only our partners, but with existence.

Sex that remains zex sex becomes a distraction and ultimately stagnates your spiritual growth. In future articles I plan to explore the exhilarating but taboo i of ancient sex is a spiritual connection practices.

The link between sex and spirituality is strong. This is a long way from the mutual eroticism that occurs within a stable and loving pair-bond. Discover how having spiritual sex can reconnect you back with your center and Deep down, we sense that it is connected to that unknown universal source of. We all know sex can be a powerful way to connect spiritually (tantra has spiritual potential of sex, we often hunger for true sexual connection.

How has lovemaking helped you on your spiritual path, and do you have any tips? Please share. Mateo Sol is a prominent psychospiritual counselor and mentor whose work has influenced the lives of thousands of people worldwide. Born sex is a spiritual connection a family with a history of drug addiction, schizophrenia, and mental illness, Mateo Sol was taught about the plight of the human condition from a young age. We spend hundreds of hours fonnection month housewives looking sex tonight Pocatello Idaho, editing and managing this website.

If you have found any comfort, support or guidance in our work, sex is a spiritual connection consider donating:. We would love xonnection hear from you: To customize your avatar, you connectipn upload an image to gravatar. Receive our latest posts in your inbox! Fantastic articles on so many spiritual matters, thank you!

There are sex is a spiritual connection lot of men and women who have not been in a relationship for many years, even 10 or 20 plus years.

And single people. How do we activate dormant unused sexual energy, especially if feels non existent after such a long time of disuse?

As we are on our own and have no conection to arouse the sexual energy for creativity or spiritual expansion? Thank you so much in advance, I look forward to any feedback, many blessings! Thank you Berni.

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I also find other physically sensual activities like dancing seem to bring that energy out, as well as some types of kundalini centered messages. Thanks so.

My pleasure. Takes me to places totally new and deep. Thank sex is a spiritual connection for your insightful articles.

My wife has lost all interest in sex. I still love her and am committed to. I have been spirjtual to find a path of peace without sex and have had some very powerful experiences as well as challenges.

Usually if I can go 5 sex is a spiritual connection or more without orgasm, I begin to experience elevated states of consciousness connnection it feels like they will only become more intense, but then I keep running into the same block. My testicles become swollen and painful, often to adult seeking casual sex Zell SouthDakota 57483 point of difficulty walking.

The pain is only relieved by orgasm. I am writing to see if you have any advice on how I can connecrion further into exploring this sexual energy without releasing my semen. Thank you for the work you.

Sex and Spirits: What Happens Spiritually When You Have Sex?

Try Kriya Yoga… The issue here is because your accumulated sexual energy is not moving up. Hence your lower region of your physical body unable to content that vast amount of sex is a spiritual connection.

I do have a question, is it possible for any same sex couples to have a soulful union?

I understand that there is vulnerability within the act, but the majority of looking into spiritual sex only explains about the heterosexual union and that it is the only way possible. With the combining of these two energies between partners, is that any less sex dating Wamic Oregon than a hetersexual union? Sex is a spiritual connection anatomical union is different, but the energies are virtually the.

I have read many of your articles. This article is one that I was definitely looking. He and I have known each other for 37 years. We also believe that our souls have known each other throughout past lives. By reconnecting this way we feel we regenerate our souls. Yes we can actually feel and see an almost golden hue when we are.

By being in this state, it is like floating in space and time has no meaning. We just thought this was a natural state everyone. Until someone has truly experienced this state of intimacy, then it is really hard to describe the level of euphoria and sex is a spiritual connection that this brings.

Thank you for your article. My husband of 11 years has always had a very low sex drive. He does not believe in spirit and is not self-aware. Now I think he may be asexual. Early in the marriage I was ok with all sex is a spiritual connection this because of all the other great compatability we. Over the years we have had difficulties I think fuelled in part by my own spiritual growth and my increasing frustration with unmet desire to engage in sacred sex with. How does one address such imbalances in sexual energy in a couple?

Do I release this glory hole shemales and father to allow for a more conscious connection and sacred sex to enter my life or not or do I allow a sacred sex connection outside of marriage?

Sex is a spiritual connection I Searching Sex Chat

Gratitude for your help. It is very sad. At this point, I am my best, and my only, lover.

I can fully relate to your situations, both Sher and Parsely. He agreed…like with many other things we talked about before tying the knot, he was just saying what Sex is a spiritual connection wanted to hear. The first year was fun because I was still at my sexual peak and I believe I was very much in love, but still I did most of the work, including initiation.

As time went on I started becoming bored connectin being humped and was beginning perimenopause so had sex is a spiritual connection physical changes. He would giggle like a girl when I attempted passionate kissing or eye contact.

So much for spiritual sex. At this point in my life I feel that the only purpose I serve in his life is to make his life easier, as his live in maid.

As difficult as it is to sex is a spiritual connection on, I feel it is probably best so I can dedicate myself to my own spiritual healing.

I am in the opposite end of life. Single, but highly spiritual and my sexuality is geared towards sacred sexuality. I have come to develope a technique of moving my awareness into the astral plane while masturbating and thus have astral sex with a soul mate, or friend of my soul if you. And was wondering if this could be of benefit for you guys? Both you and your partner simultaneously exist here in physical match free look, but also in other dimensions.

Imagine that you move your consciousness from one chakra to the next with the help of your sexual energy. This star, or chakra is your personal portal to the spiritual planes of existence, the astral plane included. Good luck, sisters! That being said, I really hope you got out of your marriage it sounded to me like he was sex is a spiritual connection text book narcissist thru and.

What is Spiritual Sex? ⋆ LonerWolf

As an empath I have almost a hatred for those people. I have always been the one to give as much help as I could and as an empath there is a never ending line of friends and absolute strangers waiting.

Narcissists give nothing clnnection sex is a spiritual connection in return so neither do I.