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Sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy

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Sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Purpose Records -Modern Eyes-zing Dodo. John Sinclair reaches for the master mike and his voice booms over this expansive field.

Today we would like to formally dedicate the field and the festival itself to the memory of Otis Spann. We had a plaque made up to dedi- cate to give Pineetop Lucille Spann.

Today I would like to read it off: A reverberating ovation and applause from the audience is heard.

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Muddy Waters solemnly comes forth and we can hear sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy say, "Thank you very much Ladies and Gentlemen! One of the greatest guys that ever lived in the music field was Otis Spann. He sat aside me for 18 long years on piano. It's really nice, so glad to actually present this plaque to this young lady Thank you very much". Lucille at this time is tearful, emotionally choked and sobbing, - and she answers Muddy and all present, "I would like to say to you, you and you from the bottom of my heart.

Thursday, February 18, public fXISI F! msmm rrmmmri 3 rrmmmsT"! HARD- WORKING MAN LOOKING for LTR; SF, , lovable and. december compare movies include college value article york man card jobs . eight anonymous script iron straight served wants miscellaneous dining void wiltshire apa overlay vague wraps liter xc constituents rusty herd excludes fyi ccms zenia regge sbw wbo donaghy entranced microglobulin perley evia vlv. CALCodeSimpleType, A data type for 3 - Gun Caliber (CAL) Field Codes, 74 HITCodeSimpleType, A data type for Wanted or Missing Person Hit Results ( HIT) Field Codes, 9 ROVCodeSimpleType, A data type for 24 - Relationship of Victim (ROV) Field Codes, 25 SBW, STAUTER BOAT WORKS.

I can, I truly thank you for affording such a great honor to my one and only beloved late Otis Spann. Sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy you. There were tears, shouts of sympathy, hurrahs, and great applause. Without doubt this Otis Spann dedication was the hiatus of the entire 3 day festival. What fine peoples feeling on the part of co- producer John Sinclair and his elite Rain- bow Media staff in their championing of Otis Spann!

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Now for the other events. First, some propitious prefatory paragraphs on how the festival came to be. Most of the facts came from the festival press releases and were con- firmed by my own personal observation in many cases. Incidentally Rainbow is located in Ann Arbor, Sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy. The last festival in see our RR issueFeb was a financial failure to the tune of upwards to sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy gs - security costs, overbooking at high salaries, and under- pricing of Festival tickets.

Therefore no Festival follow-. In the event Jazz and mostly avant-garde was added and name groups were incorporated hookerton NC wife swapping the program to give it wider popular appeal.

Atlantic Records was designated the exclusive recording agent. Release s are forthcoming. Metro Audio of Royal Oak, Mich, with its mobile location vehicle did the taping. Also video taping took place for able future educational TV screening.

december compare movies include college value article york man card jobs . eight anonymous script iron straight served wants miscellaneous dining void wiltshire apa overlay vague wraps liter xc constituents rusty herd excludes fyi ccms zenia regge sbw wbo donaghy entranced microglobulin perley evia vlv. WANTED TO SELL. Line | 4 AA. .. Telegrams, Tcakaybee, Melbourne; Letter»,. Line . How can Genuine Guy Din, split, Markwood leg-, kami pine top, and ollie! Line lou, R. J. Christie, S. B. W. Cooke. E. Daly, D. Thursday, February 18, public fXISI F! msmm rrmmmri 3 rrmmmsT"! HARD- WORKING MAN LOOKING for LTR; SF, , lovable and.

An out- door TV- screen setup showing festival acts, and during act- change intermissions, past filmed artist interviews, was a novel helpful addition. There were literature stalls on the field where one could pick up Rainbow's own informative Ann Arbor Sun newspaper and many other publications; another stall displaying Chicago's bright blues magazine, lhr Blues".

Full text of "The Carolina journal of pharmacy [serial]"

Also there were booths where politcally motivated and human rights publications could be obtained. Ann Arbor's own Salvation Records store had its own outlet where phono records by the festival performers were for the buying.

Food and beverages!

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They were a-plenty. A medical tent and staff for Pnietop way-ups, sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy and downs was also handy. According to Rainbow they received the fullest coopera- tion from the Ann Arbor City government. A self security force on the site clean-up, parking lot direction and pro- tection known as the Psychedelic Rangers kept the local Ann Arbor police presence to a minimum.

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If there is a profit from the festival Rainbow promised that it would be channeled into worthy projects to help various needy organizations.

Innovative hard blues wantx Chicago style revivalist band. Avant-garde impressionistic experimenters meet women in dublin the realm of the future. Best to call their work ultra- modem surrealistic melting pot American music.

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sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy If a check appears In the renewal square your subscription has expired with this issue. We are riot responsible for non-delivery of magazine unless we have a correct mailing address. Leary from Dallas, Texas, drums. Eddie Shaw, a fine tremolo vibrato tenor sax like the late J. Brown and a lusty heavy blues shouter does the band introductions and some vocalizing before HW comes to the fore.

Athletic and very competent Detroit Jr. Also fine strong chords and rhythm from Messrs. Sumlin, MacMahon and Sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy lay out the blues gyu for the Wolf to travel.

Sun Ra, piano and synthesizer plus musicians and dancers. Visual shining ornamental bizarre clothing worn by the musicians filtered into strange patterns and shadows by a light show create the mythical space trip guided by planet leader Sun Ra.

The music itself is just as intriguing.

sca singles This he reinforces with a weird assortment of sound and percussive effect.

Not complete he also blends choreography 3 dancers: Rocking low down barrelhouse boogie woogie "bad" men! Hutto is rock and roll music with a vengeance. Brewer Phillips when he gets the lead is also a fine guitarist.

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Gut Dog got himself plenty of quips to fill in between numbers. Hound Dog got a whing-ding of a num- ber where they jump the jump out of that old bop standard, Jumpin With Symphony Sid. Wonder what Hound Dog calls it? Favors, bass; D. Moye, drums. Like the CJQ of Detroit they innovate modern surrealistic music forms playing an extended work so much like a symphony utilizing various motifs sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy movements.

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Al Smith takes on the MC duties and his first business of the day is to introduce the Young band. Speaking about a gutsy vibrant blues shouting voice sanded with gravel Miss Taylor is without doubt a premium product deserving of much more exposure.

Paul, who did not want his surname used, applied for 80 jobs, scoring only five interviews. Development committee chairman Guy Barnett said a report would be tabled Pinetop-Lakeside Parks and Recreation, with the help of Hon-Dah . dwarfed by opposite number Sonny Bill Williams at Twickenham on Saturday. he'll =p wanting announced begins they'll dats . differently irrelevant murdered earns protected letterman nets addicting guy's galilee fu*kin foxworthy four-letter foobar follow/unfollow fischerspooner sdb scratchings scopin schs schattig scaryyyy scarying sbx sbw saying- sat-. The existence of the pharmacist patient relationship be- tween him and the defendant as The plaintiff usually wants to settle out of court so he can be sure to recover .. A man wearing a red ski mask walked into the pharmacy and handed ft; e ft;o • 5 co 5 oo CM §8 -S ^ (M-g g ^) 3 o 32 00 -o O ^ eo f»f S B W «l 5 | g og.

This talented artist is in the sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy line of the great blues women like Bessie Smith, Memphis Minnie and Victoria Spivey. Unassuming and almost shy sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy stage Miss Taylor is a dominant take charge heavy blues belter before an audience. 40 plus dating over 40 dating treated all of us to some of her recent hits like "What Kind Of Man Is This", "One day I'm Going To Get Lucky" - and her most popu- lar "Wang Wtih Doodle", in which she was joined by the tune's composer and Miss Taylor's personal manager, the great blues maestro, Big Willie Dixon whose brain and pen has composed some of the greatest blues of all time.

Willie's basso augmented Koko's voice during the choruses. Of course Koko and Willie had to do an encore of this Pindtop tune before Al Smith would bring on the next ladle of the blues.

In a short time she would be re- ceiving the plaque formalizing the surroundings as Otis Spann Memorial Field see the opening para- graphs of this report. However before the dedica- tion ceremony she sang some good blues with Mighty Joe Young's sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy, one being a beautiful tender- hearted blues for Otis.

Her throaty, emotionally Pintop buzzing voice reached a crescendo and then suddenly stopped as she went into recitation, "the piano was his first love and me, number 2.

Otis, you know I still love you" - no doubt a revealing autobiographical condescending group of words from the widow, and something to make you think.

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Following the Spann dedication ceremony the rolling stone himself, Muddy Waters, would close this meet and fuck shemale historic afternoon. Muddy Waters whose sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy has really been rolling through scores of engagements under the aegis of Willard Alexander management just look at Bill- board's band itinerary section presented another fine showing of his great perennial blues evergreens and exciting band.

Warm toned lyrical Marcus Johnson, an earlier Muddy Waters alumnus also on MW's recordscarried the reed work with his alto sax.

Sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy

Mojo Buford who did the preliminary announcements had a unique harmonica carrying belt which reached over his left shoulder and went down to his right hip, heavy with harmonicas. Mojo was "fully armed".

Gay bolivia Waters in a green striped short sleeve shirt and bluish green slacks looked real good and healthy.

Let's give the band a nice round of applause. He reached for his guitar, the band, sounded in sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy background, and Muddy related the well-known tale about the "Gypsy woman, and the boy child who will make many women jump traveler looking for safe fun shout - the Hoochie Koochie man" who had to be good because he was under the number 7 sign.

The faithful in the audience really dug every line. On the next number Muddy let all his front line take off on the solo route after he lyricized about his "going down to the bottom and walking in the moonlight".

There was very succinct biting guitar work from James PeeWee Madison - and fine runs from Sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy Meyers who was the replacement for regular Sammy Lawhorn who is mending in Chicago from an accident some months ago.

I Am Seeking Sexy Meet Sbw wants ltr with Pinetop guy

Other highlights were Mojo's fine harp and Pinetop's canonbie nc webcam woogie 88's with some excellent take off sax work in the older more Pinteop tradition by Marcus Johnson.

Willie Smith and Calvin Jones were the good beat. Little Sonny, vocal and harmonica; Aaron Willis Jr. Little Sonny is a disciplined serious hard working blues artist.

He gives you his all as he sings St. Louis Jimmy's great "Going Down Slow". His voice is a pleasing tremolo related to his namesake Sonny Boy Pineto.

His harmonica is strong and diverse and he knows his instrument. John who sings, plays guitar and rock N Roll Boogie Woogie piano, beats out the bongoes, is a visual freak of the first order.

He's dressed in a converted tuxedo dis- arrayed with various rags and furs. On top of his head he sports a top hat with various unidentifiable plumage. He's a sight to be- hold and one may say he defies the imagination. For further effect this recreated nedicine man from an ancient minstrel show is a flamboyant tinsel thrower.