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Aspects of the biology and morphology of Dirphia dolosa Bouvier, Lepidoptera: Aspectos da biologia e morfologia de Dirphia dolosa Bouvier, Lepidoptera: Dirphia dolosa Bouvier, is an endemic moth from southern Brazil, with Caxiaz information restricted to occurrence data, natural host plant and adult morphology.

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This study describes bionomic peculiarities of this species, obtained from observations of larval aggregations in the field and in the laboratory. Data on all developmental stages are presented and compared with those of other Hemileucinae. Atlantic Forest, biodiversity conservation, development, Myrsinaceae. The Hemileucinae, the most abundant horny girls in Pleasant Hill ohio diverse subfamily of Saturniidae, includes taxa belonging to 49 genera.

Its species are distributed throughout most of the Neotropics, from Nicaragua to Argentina. For housewives seeking casual sex Wichita Kansas 67202 species there are still no information on the ndue and morphology of immature stages Lemaire The information available on D. This study complements the previous ones by describing peculiarities of its biology, including the morphology of sup immature stages.

It also will contribute to a major research project on the several aspects of Hemileucinae e. Specht et al. The Caxiax were obtained from an oviposition collected on a plantain leaf [ Platanus acerifolia Ailton Willd. Behavioral nude women of Caxias do sul and Caxias do sul of another last instar aggregation were observed in the field. The ecloding larvae were fed with plantain, but survived only until the third instar, indicating that it is not a viable host plant. The remaining larvae, from aggregations collected on capororoca, were kept in screened cages Caxkas fed with leaves from the plant.

The first aggregation 1 consisted of 17 fourth instar larvae collected on the trunk of an adult plant located in a sunny place along the campus access road, quite different from the second aggregation 2 with 34 third instar individuals which were found on a young plant, approximately 25 meters inside a forest, predominated by araucarias. Ethological observations were made in the field for an entire day before the collection of aggregations 1 and 2and during all cage maintenance activities 8: Photographs were obtained both in the field and Caxjas the laboratory Figures Voucher specimens were preserved for all developmental stages except the egg.

The description of morphological features was based on nkde images of living specimens, comparing with the morphology and chaetotaxy from the literature Dias, Nude women of Caxias do sul and Caxias do sulLemaire The measurements were obtained using a digital caliper and a balance, to the nearest one hundredth of a gram. The duration of the pupal stage was calculated, in days, for the individuals from the two aggregations, whose data were then analyzed using descriptive statistics to calculate the mean values and their respective standard deviations.

Monthly collections were made within the Ot from January to Decemberfour nights during each new moon, using light traps as described in Specht et al. Eggs Figure 1ab aCxias large, mean diameter Caxas.

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Color white, shape oval with girls squirting cumming flattened micropylar area. Soon after Cxias, the micropyle has a light green transparent color, becoming progressively darker until larval eclosion. In both the oviposition collected in the field, as those obtained in the laboratory, the eggs were arranged in irregular masses.

The larvae of D. First instar Figure 1c. Head capsule rounded and black. Integument grayish black with perpendicular red and white striations.

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Spiracles white ellipsoid, surrounded by a characteristic peritreme, which consists of a projection of the integument itself; reddish colored scoli, becoming proportionately shorter and clearer as they develop.

Thoracic legs and prolegs reddish.

Second instar Figure 1d. Head capsule black with reddish mandibular region. Integument variable in color, with black background, filled with orange spots throughout the entire body.

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Base of the scoli always surrounded by orange color. Thoracic legs and prolegs kingston gay community. Third instar Figure 1e. Head capsule as in the previous instar. In most specimens, orange coverage of second instar fainter, with yellowish tone, scoli and appendages have the same color. Black striations become abd more evident, yellow becomes dark brown and scoli light brown.

Fourth instar Figure 1f. Shape and coloration very similar to previous instar, but black striations occupy virtually the entire integument and scoli are not as developed as the larval body. Fifth instar Figure 1g. Head capsule, mandibles and integument dark brown, with black striations occupyin the entire integument.

Indy adult dating proportionally smaller and light brown.

Legs and prolegs reddish-brown. dp

Clypeus subdivided into smaller structures, forming row of rectangles with seven subdivisions, the five central rectangles larger than the two end Czxias. Preclypeus surface smooth. Epicranial and lateral adfrontal sutures well defined. Well-defined ecdysal line, starting from the epicranial suture, above upper limit of frons, in the direction of the edges of preclypeus. Distal edge of labrum with relatively well defined median depression.

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Mandibles with smooth edges. Second antennomere twice as large as basal. Wimen setae of antenna shorter than sensory setae, reaching at most of one third of antennal length. Ocular region with blackened area totally or partially surrounding the stemmata, stemmata 5 and 6 may free.

Stemmata 5 in some specimens smaller than the others. Hypopharyngeal complex with cone-shaped tubular spinner.

Total body length mm, overall color predominantly black, with reminiscent inconspicuous orange spots and striations near the base of the dorsal, sub-dorsal and lateral scoli, just below co line. Thoracic legs reddish-brown; prolegs concolorous from third to sixth uromere; lateral shield of prolegs brown, sole brownish.

Horny mature women near Caxias do sul I Am Look For Private Sex. Lonly Lady Wants Adult Social Network Male Looking For Female Friends. Horny mature. IIInstituto de Biotecnologia, Universidade de Caxias do Sul – UCS, Rua Francisco Getúlio Dirphia dolosa Bouvier, é uma mariposa endêmica do Sul do Brasil, cujas . The pupal period of males and females in the same aggregation did not differ. The individuals of the same sex were always significantly larger in. Cougar Hairy Women Voyeur In The Shower - hot milf mature MILF cougars hidden camera amateurs amateur video amateur sex video real amateur porn hot .

Hooks 19 to 24, arranged Caixas biordinal uniseries; prolegs of tenth uromere with 24 to 25 hooks. In the last instar, head capsule with many setae, especially on anterior region. On the stemmatal region, setae S1, located at the same height as stemmata 3, more developed than the. Only frontal, cephalo-dorsal and anterior pores present.

Genal and posterior areas smooth.

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Scoli hollow, distributed as followed: Scoli on anal segment and plate lacking. Scoli short and thick, with long and thin bristles arranged in arborescent shape.

Both scoli and bristles yellowish, standing out over blackened tegument. Scoli length and total number of bristles gradually decreasing dorso-ventrally, most developed bristle black girl alone dorsal region. Maximum observed length of prothoracic scoli and respective bristles distribution as follows: Larval integument covered with many tiny setae.

Scoli morphologically very differentiated from each another, with dorsal scoli of thorax and of last mayli asian much more developed. Anal segment and plate lacking scoli. With respect to ethological aspects, the larvae exhibit gregarious behavior in the field Figure 1e-gmoving around their host plant in a single line. They feed at night, seeking refuge during the day grouped.

Until the fifth instar they hide on branches or trunks Figure 1f,gand during the sixth and last instar they hide among the leaf litter and grasses, next to its natural host plant M. The pre-pupal period my quest for Valladolid characterized by a decrease in size and dispersion nude women of Caxias do sul and Caxias do sul seek shelter for the preparation of a rudimentary cocoon with litter interspersed with silk threads that will house the pupa.

Immediately after metamorphosis the obtect, glabrous and glossy pupae present a soft, yellowish to light brown integument Nude women of Caxias do sul and Caxias do sul 2b. The tegument hardens and darkens quickly, and by the third hour the color becomes brown with clearer regions at the articulations Figure 2c. Beginning on the sixth hour, the pupae become dark brown Figure 2d-f.

Spiracles of second to eighth uromeres with similar structure and shape as all. Prothoracic podothecas forming an inverted triangle just below labrum, and converging laterally with margins of mesothoracic podothecas. These begin at the height of the ceratothecas, and end at the compound eyes; whereas metathoracic podothecas begin below margin of the ceratothecas, and end approximately half way down their total length.

Ceratothecas surrounding almost the entire upper region of pupa, forming a semicircle on ventral side of thoracic region.

Thoracic and abdominal regions of 10 th uromere covered with numerous punctures. First three uromeres divided into three distinct parts, consisting of anterior band with numerous longitudinal grooves, median band full of punctures, and the other posterior band with longitudinal grooves, similar to the first band.

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Naughty america live chat second band on fourth, fifht and sixth uromeres, with longitudinal grooves is replaced with bands that form rings encircling the entire pupabands quite nuxe from the rest of integument due to its light brown color.

Although these structures have a smooth appearance when viewed with the naked eye, under a stereomicroscope one can observe narrow transverse micro grooves along the entire length.

On seventh uromere, by contrast, posterior reddish band substituted with margins bearing peculiar perpendicular projections that replace the anterior band on eighth uromere.

Comeys brother does clinton taxes uromere simpler in structure, consisting of a transverse band surrounding the genital region, and punctures only on median region. In some females, ninth uromere with posterior band similar to the one on seventh uromere.

Cremaster not well developed, but equipped with small hooks, which may be absent in some males. Cwxias pupal period nude women of Caxias do sul and Caxias do sul males and females in the same aggregation did not differ. However, the pupal period for individuals of aggregation 1 lasted approximately six months, which was practically four times longer than the individuals of aggregation 2 Table 1. The individuals of the same sex were always significantly larger in aggregation 1which went into diapause, different from individuals of aggregation 2.