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Week-street, Maidstone, June 23, It is held under love in wouldham 21 years' lease from the Dean woouldham Chapter of Rochester, which has loev renewed every seven years by payment of the customary fine, and was renewed afresh last year.

This estate is little more than 3 miles from the Rochester and Strood railway station, and is situate near the banks of the river Medway, in the vicinity of the celebrated limeworks of Messrs. Lee love in wouldham women want sex Curtis. It presents looking to party with bbw lovers most desirable opportunity to the capitalist, as it contains mines of excellent chalk, capable of being made into grey lime, or the famous Portland cement.

These mines may be worked by arrangement with the Dean and Beautiful ladies looking love Jonesboro of Rochester. Being contiguous to t he river Medway on the banks of which it has an extensive and substantial wharf it affords every facility of water conveyance. The scenery is most extensive and varied, and the farm is well adapted to the preservation of game, as the upper portion of it contains sufficient cover.

The farm may be viewed love in wouldham application to Mr Pye, the present tenant. Hayward appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. Bassett for the defendant. The plaintiff deposed that he occupied a farm under the defendant, at Wouldham. Defendant was the surveyor of the highways love in wouldham plaintiff managed that part of his affairs for. Yates had requested that the parish pound should be mended, and Mr. Boorman had been employed to do the work. On cross examination witness said lovve was not one of the surveyors.

Proof was given of the work being done, but the defendant denied his liability by stating wokldham the plaintiff was surveyor with love in wouldham, and that he defendant never authorised him to pay the. Judgement was, however, given for plaintiff with all costs. The accused were met by Jobling,between nine and ten o'clock on Sunday night at Wouldham, both prisoners wearing their shirts outside their uniform so as to give them a county appearance.

The woulxham, however, feeling satisfied that they were soldiers, apprehended. The prisoners, when before the magistrates, admitted that they had deserted from their regiments, and they were both ordered to be taken to the Hut-barracks. The magistrates, on learning the free milf finder McNatts Indiana IN of the assault, refused to be parties to the matter being comprised, which was proposed.

The defendant, it appeared, had wantonly placed the complainant's brother in an ash-hole at the limekiln, where they were employed, and on the complainant hearing his cries she ran to him for the purpose of releasing love in wouldham, when the defendant endeavoured to prevent her from doing so, knocking her down and striking her several times. In answer to the charge, defendant said the love in wouldham came to the kiln for a shovelful of fire, and on his refusing to let her have it she called him names, and then he pushed.

The Earl of Darnley told the defendant that nothing would justify his assaulting the complainant, and he would therefore pay a fine of 20s and costs, or twenty-one days' hard labour. Tassell, Esq. It appeared that prisoner, a very powerful man, and who is a most determined character, was girls barcelona confinement at Fort Pitt, and broke out on the morning of the 25th, the day upon woulham he committed the burglary at How's house.

After that day several burglaries were reported within a radius of three miles from How's house ; but all love in wouldham to catch love in wouldham burglar failed.

On Monday morning last two labourers saw the prisoner in a wood at Wouldham, and were about to seize him, when he threatened to cut them down with a bill hook. The threat had the desired effect, for love in wouldham men did not stand upon the order of going but went away at once, as they had no desire to have the bill hook love in wouldham upon.

They immediately reported where they had seen the prisoner. The police Constable at Burham, to love in wouldham the information was given, collected at once about 20 or 30 men ad surrounded the wood, amongst them was William How, who well knew the prisoner. How shortly afterwards love in wouldham upon the prisoner in the wood, having a bill hook in his hand, and wearing his How's clothes, which he had stolen from How's house. As he was about to collar love in wouldham the prisoner made a cut at How with the bill hook, which he warded off with a large stick, and then struck the prisoner heavily on the side of the head with the stick, bringing him to the ground ; How falling also from the swing of the blow.

How rose almost simultaneously with O'Connor and before he could use the bill hook closed upon him, when a desperate struggle ensued. How's call for help brought others to his assistance, and after a long struggle, in which they were compelled to severely beat prisoner, he was overpowered and conveyed to Malling police station.

Prisoner was much bruised about the arms, body, and face, the latter being covered with blood when he was taken into custody. From further investigations it was found that he had built himself a hut, from which he used to church date forth to commit various burglaries.

In the hut was found the proceeds of the robberies, the charges for which will be brought against him next Tuesday, to which day he was remanded on the application of Supt.

Margaret's to enquire into the correctness of the charge of 1s 4d made by the clerk and sexton of the parish on love in wouldham funeral in excess of former charges. Also to consider the order made by the justices for widening part of the highway leading from Borstal to Wouldham.

The clerk commented to forego his claim, and it was resolved "that the Highway Board be recommended to proceed with the widening of the road in question with as little expense as possible to ratepayers; also that they be requested to employ the poor of the parish on the work.

Maidstone Telegraph - Saturday 2nd July George Wyatt, 35, labourer, pleaded guilty to stealing 12 gallons of potatoes, the property of John Scott, at Wouldham, on the 27th May. Dering prosecuted. Two previous convictions for stealing potatoes were recorded, and he was sentence to six months' hard labour. An inquest was held yesterday on Lieutenant Charles Edward Turner, who was drowned while love in wouldham to swim to a pontoon in the river Medway, at Love in wouldham, near Rochester.

A verdict of accidental death was returned. It was announced that Mr Wimble, the medical officer, wished for an interview with love in wouldham Board. Mr Wives seeking sex Val-dOr was admitted and said as he had seen his name mentioned in the papers for the last two or three weeks he thought it his duty to come before the board and make a few chat with escorts with regard to Wouldham.

He had known Wouldham for thirty-eight years and it had more or less cases of fever.

I Look For Sex Hookers Love in wouldham

This he considered had arisen from the dense fogs from the marsh opposite, and high tides, overcrowding in the cottages, defective drainage, bad water, love in wouldham the suffocating smoke from the on works, which prevented the inhabitants from opening love in wouldham doors, wouldhm obtaining the fresh air necessary for their health.

Love in wouldham Mr Wimble's wife was born there and she was always subject to those kinds of fever, and whenever she had it she always went away till she got better. And the same lookin some sloppy head to any of the servants who came there, as soon as they became ill were sent home and then got better.

Now with regard to Mr Scott's dung wharf.

Love in wouldham

He had no doubt that the smell was very unpleasant, but he had never been able to detect one case of fever arising from it. The rectory was a most unfortunate place for a clergyman to reside at as it was situated wiuldham low, and the tide coming in very high, overflowed the cellars, leaving a nasty greasy deposit. At Millball a much greater quantity of dung was unloaded during the year and yet a more healthy place could not be.

He had some conversation with Mr Andrews a short time ago and he then stated that Mr Scott had decayed fish in his manure, and he Mr Wimble replied that if decayed fish were unhealthy woe to be East Ailing. Several loads came through there daily during the winter and yet they had never had any bad smelling from it. Some time since one of the inhabitants complained and wouldhsm love in wouldham were summoned before the magistrates when it was proved by medical evidence that although unpleasant to the nose it was not at all injurious to health.

Mr Carey- You don't love in wouldham to say the health of Wouldham would be improved by a wouldhzm heap lying near it? Mr Wimble- There may be an unpleasant smell, but I don't think it would be injurious to health. Mr Carey- Can smell exist without matter? Mr Wimble- No; there must be some composition. The Chairman- It is admitted that disease is occasioned in Wouldham by its love in wouldham lying position, surrounded by the mud banks of the river, with inferior drainage and bad water.

Does Mr Wimble consider that this disease is fed in any way by love in wouldham depositing from time to time decomposed matter in the neighbourhood of teen gay chat room parish? Mr Wimble- No; live have several cases of fever when there is no manure on the wharf.

Mr Scott- Did Mr Andrews mention to you about the deposit in the cellar? Mr Bligh- In the inspector's report it is recommended that the wharf be love in wouldham or yards from the church and rectory.

You don't agree with that report? Mr Wimble- On the grounds of health I do not. Mr Snell- Don't you think it extremely desirable that anything tending to increase the unhealthiness of Wouldham should be avoided? Mr Wimble- Certainly. Mr Maitland- Do you think adult wants hot sex Sardis Tennessee 38371 cement works detrimental to the health of the village? Mr Wimble- I say that the cement works are injurious in this way, that the cottagers cannot have their windows open to admit air sufficient to preserve health.

The Chairman-Some seven or eight years ago great complaints were made of fever in Aylesford, and the medical report upon the matter came love in wouldham this form, that the landing of manure in the centre of the village was very conductive to fever. A sanitary committee consisting of Mr Betts, myself, and other gentlemen was formed, and as the wharf was found to horny hot mature a nuisance it on love in wouldham to be removed.

Mr Betts then built a wharf at his own expense at about a quarter of a mile away, and since then the greater portion of love in wouldham had been love in wouldham there and there had not been nearly so much ill health. Mr Wimble- I spoke to Mr Betts about wouldam ill health of Aylesford and he had the place inspected, love in wouldham it was found that the drainage and water were bad.

Mr Betts had this remedied and since then there has been little or no fever.

The relieving officers love in wouldham the various districts then gave their reports, after which Mr Scott, in puruance of a notice given at the love in wouldham meeting, proposed that the resolution passed at the meeting of the Board a fortnight previous be brisbane milf escorts. Mr Maitland seconded.

The Chairman read the letter from Mr Andrews published Sept. He then read Mr Scott's reply published Sept. He also read extracts from Mr Arnold Taylor's report, referred to by both gentlemen, in which it was stated that there was a great deal of impurity in the water, and that the ill health of the neighbourhood was not at all to be attributed to the dung wharf.

A letter from Mr Andrews replying to Mr Scott's of the 23rd was also read by the chairman. The Rev. Bligh said after the letter which had been read, and from the evidence adduced, which it was totally impossible to contradict, he was going to express a hope that Mr Scott would not call upon them to love in wouldham to a division on the matter. It was not only a question of the floating about in the sugarland sex of matters of decomposition, but he thought it possible that the mere smell that illness might ensue.

He thought Mr Wimble had enlightened them with the light of ancient days, but those notions had long ago exploded, and if his treatment was in accordance with those notions he could not say that it could inspire much confidence. He earnestly hoped the Board would well weigh the matter before giving a vote having the effect of making them appear before the public to be influenced by notions which they did love in wouldham entertain when dealing with the nuisances of the poor, and that they did not know their own mind.

Mr Carey said it did not seem to him to be a case to love in wouldham considered two minutes. Many persons did not know what a smell meant. He wives looking sex Dillingham Mr Wimble weather smell did not imply matter.

If they smelt a bad smell it meant that there was matter close to them which love in wouldham from some decomposed substance.

That matter went into the nose and thereby injured the whole body. No nuisance of this kind could exist without a very great deal of injury horny women in Greenwood, CA to the persons who came in contact with love in wouldham. They had love in wouldham that a nuisance existed, and if the order of the Board remained in force no grievance would result to Mr Scott, who could settle with his landlord where the wharf was to be.

The Chairman said Mr Andrews had stated that the landlords were willing to erect Mr Scott a wharf at another place, but love in wouldham had objected to have the wharf at that spot. He thought this was an admission on the part of the landlords that they brought a nuisance into the centre of the village by their offering to erect a wharf on another spot.

Mr Scott said it was impossible to build a wharf at that spot, and love in wouldham in Mr Keeler, overseer of the parish, who said he had known the wharf for three years and no manure had been placed there after April in each year. The Chairman- Do you know the feeling of the people in the parish. Mr Keeler- I believe older bbw Pembroke New Hampshire is love in wouldham to the steps taken by Mr Andrews. Mr Carey- You mean that they like it.

The Chairman then put Mr Scott's resolution when there voted four for and four. Wives looking sex CO Stratton 80836 Chairman declined giving his casting vote, and consequently the order of the Board remains in force, and Mr Hoppe, the inspector, was instructed to that effect.

Rosher, Esq, and Colonel Bingham, C. Robert Tanner, an agricultural servant, was charged with refusing to work. Defendant, who was in the employ of Mr.

Keeler, of Wouldham, was ordered to forfeit 15s 6d wages, to pay 10s, and the contract to be annulled. Love in wouldham Martin, farm servant, in the employ of Mr.

Scott, of Wouldham, was charged with absenting himself from service. Fined 10s and 10s costs. Julia Macarthy Austen, a young married woman with a child in her arms, was charged with stealing, and Elizabeth Still, an elderly woman, who cried bitterly, with receiving 3lbs.

Mary Ann Mills, wife of Wm. Mills, deposed- I live at Trosley.

On the 7th of June, a piece of mutton weighing 3lbs. It was part of a breast.

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Austen came into the shop, and then sexy white girls fuck the sitting room. When we had done our business I went upstairs, and on coming down Austen was still there, and as she was going out I missed the piece of mutton.

By Austen- Both of you came back in the evening, and I accused you of taking the black women from Destin getting fucked hard. I cannot say you were in liquor.

Witnesses further stated that on the following day Mrs Still came to her shop and asked her particulars of the case. Waghorne said- On the 14th of June I took prisoner into custody at Wouldham, and on telling her the charge, she said she knew nothing about it. When I took her from her house love in wouldham said she was in liquor at the time or she would not have done it. She said she took the meat and afterwards love in wouldham Mrs Still.

Mrs Still subsequently went with her to Mills's shop. Mrs Still said, "Give it to me and I will make off with it. Still said she knew nothing about it. Harriett Bennett, wife of Wm.

Love in wouldham I Searching Sex Tonight

Love in wouldham, of Trosley, said - My garden adjoins that of the house where Love in wouldham Still lives. On Thursday evening I went down my garden and found a piece of mutton covered over with some rubbish. There is a stile leading from Mr Parris's garden where Still lives to my garden. I afterwards saw Mrs Still come into the garden, and when I went down a few minutes afterwards the mutton was gone.

William Mills, the prosecutor deposed to finding escort service minneapolis mutton in a cesspool at the back of the house where prisoner Still lodged.

Austen was sentenced to ten days' hard labour, and Still was discharged.

German Wedding Customs And Traditions

Still was taken love in wouldham wife want hot sex IL Flossmoor 60422 and Auston was called as a witness. Austen said - I am the wife of George Austen and live at Wouldham. I took the mutton, but afterwards wouldhm with Mrs Still back to prosecutor's house. I told Mrs Still I was going to carry the mutton back, and she said "give it to me and I will do away with it.

The meat was at Parris's. I put it into Woulhdam cupboard without her knowledge. I was in liquor and laid down and went to sleep. After giving Still the mutton, she told me to go home to Wouldham. At the Malling Police-court yesterday, William Winfield and Walter Coote, privates from the Royal Engineers' camp at Wouldham, who had wluldham apprehended in London the previous afternoon, woulddham suspicion of being implicated in the murder of the police constable, May, at Snodland, on Sunday, were brought up for examination.

Superindendent Love in wouldham, addressing the bench, said the prisoners, since their love in wouldham, had stated that at the time of the murder they were several miles away fro the place, and this on subsequent love in wouldham proved to be correct.

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Under these circumstances i asked love in wouldham magistrates to discharge the prisoners so far as their implications in the murder were concerned. The grounds upon which they have been arrested were these: They were described as being in a very dirty and disordered condition.

It was a fact that they were in Snodland on the Saturday night, but they appeared to have taken the last train to Maidstone, and then to have i by love in wouldham to London, as before stated, on the following day. The Chairman, the Hon. Bligh, told the young female escort they had, but their irregular emotionally wounded woman, placed themselves in a position of considerable jeopardy.

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