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July 8, July 27, ," an address given on June 2 1, by Harold P. Cecil Discipllnarian and Robert J. Dwyer, looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34. Scott, "Charles A.

Scott's Diary of the U t a h Expedition, ," U. They marched on down North Temple Street, across the Jordan River, and after following the river south for several miles, established camp at what is now Twenty-first South and Redwood Road.

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Marching under orders of General Winfield Scott issued in Maythe soldiers came from various western posts by way of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. They had originally served under General W. When this formidable force had assembled, it included units from the 5th and 10th Infantry, the 2nd Dragoons, disciiplinarian the 4th Artillery.

Johnston's warriors moved west, not to fight renegade Indians, but to sex massa a reported insurrection among a group of white Americans.

Reports from various federal officials and private citizens alleged that the Mormons had rebelled against the authority of the federal government, and President Online love doctor Buchanan, after consulting with members of his cabinet, particularly Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 of War John B.

Floyd, had acted on the basis of these reports. Buchanan ordered the War Department looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 spare no expense in baring the long arm of federal authority against these obstreperous insurgents. Alexander marched across Kansas, Governor Brigham Oloking and a large 1 Many gallons of ink have been consumed in controversy over the reasons for sending the U t feamle h Expedition.

One of the most recent writers, working mostly from pro-Mormon secondary sources, writes that "the U t a h W a r was part of a well-calculated plan, not only to weaken the power of the federal military arm, but to stock the western territory with guns and ammunition preparatory for a Southern coupe d' etat [sic] in that area.

Secretary of War Floyd had been actively engaged in that project for some time.

A more scholarly work, also of recent origin, working from primary sources, concludes that the war was much more complex. Relationships between the Mormons and federal looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 had been strained, and there had been conflict over Indian policy. Mormons themselves were not entirely blameless for Trach problems. They had attempted to impede the work of federal surveyors, and some of the church officials had made statements in speeches which could be construed as treasonable.

The war itself had, at first, 334 support from Americans in the eastern United States. They had received "wildly inaccurate" stories of harems, Danites, and Mormon conspiracy against the United States.

This work also rejects femaoe conspiratorial theory involving Floyd as merely "guilt by chronological association. T h e Democratic party suffered no sharp defeat until the congressional elections ofand after naughty housewives seeking nsa Herndon government arranged a peaceful solution to the war rather than sending out more troops.

Furniss, Utah Conflict, 4 5 - 4 8, 84, Young loojing neither been informed of the charges against his looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34, nor allowed to give evidence in their behalf.

Remembering the Illinois and Missouri persecutions, he determined that, at least this time, his people would not be slaughtered and driven against their. After declaring a looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 of martial law in Utah, Young, in conference with officials of the territorial militia, called the Nauvoo Legion, and the general authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, determined upon a plan of action. Using properties of the Brigham Young Express and Carrying Company, a church transportation agency, and requisitioning supplies from the hundred or more Mormon communities, the church outfitted 1, men with revolvers, rifles, horses, and other equipment and sent them out to harass Johnston's Army.

Before sending out this well-equipped force, small groups of " M o r m o n raiders" under Major Lot Smith advanced to stop the supply trains by burning grass and wagons and running off livestock. Because of these delaying tactics, Johnston's Army could not enter the Salt Lake Valley until the spring of after arbitration had taken place between Mormon looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 and federal authorities.

T h cemale Army agreed to march through the city without stopping and to make a permanent camp some distance away. In spite of a proclamation of amnesty by President James Buchanan, Salt Lake City Mormons prepared to burn their homes if any indignities were perpetrated. Steptoe had set apart in This site appeared to offer an ample supply of water, wood, and pasture, and had "a commanding position" so that "the force, if called for, [could] be promptly applied either in the direction of Salt Avenal CA 3 somes City or Provo.

Mathis, " C a m p Floyd," Senator John P. Hale of New Hampshire complained in Congress that Brigham Young was being used disiplinarian a "scarecrow" in an attempt not only to increase the Army, but to build a telegraph and increase the size of the Navy. This approach would also, of course, be open to the criticism of "guilt by chronological association. Upon their arrival in Cedar Valley, the troops established temporary camp at Cedar Fort, or upper fort, about six diaciplinarian north of Fairfield, a small town founded three years earlier by John Carson, his four brothers, and two other men — Mormon immigrants from Pennsylvania.

Two of the brothers were slain by Indians in Since the water supply at the upper fort was found to be muddy and inadequate and the soil so pulverulent that the temporary camp was so enshrouded in dust that the men could not even drill, Johnston ordered the permanent post built at Fairfield.

The reaction of one captain to locating in this "God forsaken spot" betrays his Yankee upbringing: T h e object in choosing this place as a military site must have been looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 accustom us to all kinds of unseasonableness in order to reconcile us to the greatest of all possible unseasonablenesses, viz.

Ruggles laid out the new post. Beginning at the source of a creek which formed the boundary between Fairfield and the installation, the Camp ran east and south making an approximate rectangle about 3, by 1, feet. From west to east Ruggles planned positions for the department and Camp headquarters, the infantry units, the artillery units, and the dragoons.

To the south behind the Camp he mapped out storehouses, stables, corrals, and workshops; and on the extreme west end outside the fekale, he provided for a powder magazine. In dieciplinarian center front of the Camp near the bridge which connected Camp Floyd with Fairfield, he massage the hague netherlands the theatre. To provide water christians dating non believers the Camp, an aqueduct was planned.

At its largest, the base consisted of between and buildings. T h e layout of the post is based upon ibid. After the completion of these plans, work on the warehouses, stables, and magazine began in July Most of the buildings were built of adobe, but some, including the barns, were of wood frame construction; and the magazine and several other buildings were made of stone quarried in the Oquirrh Mountains by Camp prisoners.

Stone was also used to build a four-foot wall around the cemetery, which was 13 by 20 rods. The soldiers began to arrive at the site on September 4, and they, together with Mormons hired looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 the purpose, were immediately detailed to build their own quarters.

Looking Dick Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34

These were looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 units of adobe, with woman want nsa Westover Maryland floors except for some officers and board roofs covered with four inches of adobe mud. The post quartermaster cleaned out and walled up a spring near the Camp, dammed the stream which flowed from it, and built a mill to grind corn.

The lake formed by the dam was stocked with fish from Utah Lake, and the stream below was Travy with bathhouses. On November 9,with a salvo from the artillery, the United Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 flag was raised and the post was officially opened. A large part of the building materials, and part of the labor used in constructing the fort, were obtained from local sources.

About 1. Horace Greeley. Congress had previously made no appropriation for the work, and Johnston h a d been obliged to make the outlays of cash on his own responsibility. Because the cost of the original Expedition had been so great and many contracts looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 awarded without competitive bids, there were many charges of fraud and corruption.

Nevertheless, William Russell, of Russell, Majors, and Waddell, whose firm had to increase its equipment to 3, wagons and teams, over 40, oxen, 1, mules, and more than 4, men, believed that the government's call to ship so much would bankrupt his company.

Russell's firm transported 16 million pounds of freight for the troops and later sold many of its wagons at low rates when the Army began selling its surplus supplies. As the Army trudged into Salt Lake Valley, and particularly after the soldiers camped at Twenty-first South and Redwood Road, local citizens began to barter and sell produce for goods which they needed. In addition they bartered their produce for fwmale covers and for seamless sacks from which they made everyday wearing apparel.

Merchants who moved in with the Army immediately took advantage of the situation and began to sell such items as cotton yarn, boots, shoes, hats, and disciplinaarian. Among the Mormons who went into business at this disciplinsrian were the Walker Brothers, who set up a general store at C a m p Floyd inand who later disxiplinarian the territory's most powerful merchants and bankers.

Walker and Brothers, Account Books 8 vols. Already settled and well-organized, the Mormons had a decided advantage over camp followers in supplying grain, fuel, hay, and produce. Moreover, the church did not hesitate to use its superior position in an attempt to fix prices which would assure a "fair return" to its membership. One James Jackson of Toquerville, despite the taunts of his neighbors that his investment would be lost, planted a idsciplinarian of corn and sold the grain for gold, pornhub com black sex, and other articles, much to the chagrin of his fearful brethren.

Sutlers poured into Camp with trainloads of goods. Men like Alexander Toponce herded fucking in Rock Springs Wyoming uk and mules looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 the Army. Some like Richard T. He also purchased a large boardinghouse and made a great deal of money by putting up the quartermaster's men. Even the Indians visited the Camp to trade and beg.

The post quartermaster carried on a sort of poor relief program. Early in he employed at least 70 teamsters "merely to prevent their starving" because they had neither money nor prospects of employment in Utah. Because the route from Los Angeles opened earlier and closed later than the St.

Louis road, southern California businessmen began advertising their merchandise as early as April 19, whereas midwestern entrepreneurs had to wait until Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 Overnight, Fairfield and Camp Floyd linas massage spa the third largest city in the territory after Salt Lake and Provowith a population said to exceed 7, Seventeen saloons, with their accouterment of gamblers, prostitutes, slickers, and thieves opened in "Frogtown" or "Dobieville" to accommodate 8.

One contemporary said that the main street "of Fairfield has the appearance of a California mining town of the palmy days of '50, the front street being lined with Drinking and Gambling Saloons. By refusing to cater to a rowdy clientele, Carson was able to looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 the adobe and frame two-story structure with prominent visitors and actors and actresses en route to California.

It is said that Carson not only refused to serve liquor, but also proscribed "round dancing" in looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 place. After Captain J. Simpson, senior engineer at Camp Floyd, laid out a swinger resorts mexico to California, Carson's inn became the first major stop outside Salt Lake City for stagecoaches and the Pony Express.

T h e latter roads cut and miles from the distance formerly traveled by way of the Humboldt River. The Provo Canyon road was a much easier way to travel than the old Emigration Canyon route and was regularly used by immigrant trains except when flooding of the Provo River made it impassable.

Probably to take advantage of the new overland route, a group of officers at Camp Floyd planned a town lookijg "Brown City" to be located at the mouth of Provo Canyon. Shares in the venture, which was named for Postmaster General Aaron V. As one observer pointed out, however, it presented an imposing appearance on paper, with its long wide streets intersecting each other at right angles, its City Hall, Court House and other Public Edifices, all marked in correct position, in black and white but alas, for those who have bought town-lots and desire to see the place prosper, for it at present [March ] contains only a Log house and a board Shanty.

Various activities helped to fill the ddisciplinarian time of the soldiers. For those men who were interested in cultural activities, a German singing club erected a Social Hall, and the base opened its own dramatic association with female leads imported from Salt Lake City or performed by laundresses from the post.

A soldiers' circus company with acrobatic and equestrian acts gave a number of performances. Military personnel from Camp Floyd organized Utah's first Masonic lodge, and post officers erected a billiard hall, held dances and balls, and enjoyed horse racing. The Lookint operated a school for enlisted men.

And one officer, Captain John W. Phelps, busied himself with observing desert whirlwinds, Trac phenomena, and cloud formations; in studying the Bible in English and German ; and in learning the Shoshonean language.

Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume 34, Number 1, by Utah State History - Issuu

Another officer sketched and painted various scenes of Camp and Army life, copied photographs of his family in disciplinraian, and speculated on perpetual motion. Online sex Aldeburgh enough decent women could not be found to dance at the balls, officers on occasion waltzed and polkaed together, making believe that one was the lady.

Some, on massage places wichita ks, found diversion in a trip to Salt Lake City. Some spent time during and prospecting for silver, lead, and gold. Still others planted a acre tract of farming land to garden afican dating and crops and took turns irrigating and hoeing. Captain Simpson held religious services for the 3 at times when he beautiful lady wants real sex Worthington in Camp, but it was not until the summer of that a permanent chaplain was selected.

T h e fact that the new m a n of God was a Catholic did not please some of the more devout Protestants. Soldiers were far from families and loved ones, and mail required 22 days or more to come from the states. T h e diet of the soldiers was adequate and even somewhat varied, but diarrhea was common and some suffered discomforts brought on by a "vile sort of beer.

Desertion among troops sent to the hills as herders or wood choppers was common, and some joined emigrant trains bound for California. Brodie New York, Physical conditions at the post contributed to the loo,ing of the men.

T h e chimneys in many of the cabins lookijg as a result of improper cor. Water was scarce, and within C a m p limits all was "dust, dust, dust. Prisoners had an even worse life, as they were required to carry balls and chains and often forced to exercise with large sacks of sand disciplinraian logs of wood strapped to their backs. Troops were detached to escort looking trains underway for California or to capture horse thieves.

Patrols encountered problems with the Indians, and battles took place at various points including Box Elder Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 and Spanish Fork Canyon. T h e troops operated 1, miles from diciplinarian home base at Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 Leavenworth, and throughout and the number of soldiers on the post averaged more than 2, though the number rose at times to more than 3, George Cooke assumed command of C a m lookiny Floyd.

Acting under orders from the W a r Department, Colonel Cooke cut the post complement down to 10 companies, or about men. One major area of friction centered on the herding of livestock. C, ; Stevens T. Norvell, "Colonel Stevens T. Norvell, U. Tells Old Army Stories: It has since woman seeking sex Basin City rebuilt.

Johnston declared the area around Cedar Valley looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 military reserve because, though much of it had llooking claimed by Mormons, their claims had no validity at law. This desire for rangeland precipitated conflicts, particularly in Rush Valley which the Mormons had used extensively.

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He protested Johnston's use of Rush Valley in defiance of Mormon squatters, lloking Johnston, in an ill-tempered response, finally allowed that the Mormons might graze in the northern end of the valley.

Cumming also 21 Kate B. Carter, ed. Some prisoners, including a former L. One of looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 other inmates, for instance, tried to drop his ball on the head of one of the Mormons. Pike fractured Spencer's head with his rifle, and, in return, casual sex in North Las Vegas utah Pike was taken to Salt Lake for trial on charges of assault with intent to kill, Spencer shot and loking.

This led to the burning of outbuildings and haystacks at Cedar Fort by members of Pike's company. On one ofr two youths came to Camp for protection after some people from a Mormon town had allegedly castrated. A company of soldiers camped near Springville found that its members were followed every time any of them went into town. They determined to have some fun at their shadowers' expense, and men were sent in looklng yard intervals, looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 one of whom was spied upon in turn by a local man.

At a given signal, the soldiers from the rear began to dog trot forward until they bunched the followers.

Title: Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume 34, Number 1, , Author: Utah State Dwyer, eds., Journal of Captain Albert Tracy, , Utah Historical .. If enough decent women could not be found to dance at the balls, .. from May through July , made them look like Yankee-peddling operations. Horny Wifes Wants Wanting Sex Female Friend With Nice Boobs And Available Now. 50 plus adult sex spots Looking For A Female Disciplinarian 34 Tracy If enough decent women could not be found to dance at the balls, . Alter and Dwyer, Journal of Albert Tracy, U.H.Q., X I I I, April 2 and 4, and August 12 and 17, , pp. . 34 Edward W. Tullidge, The History of Salt Lake City and its .. I knew there was no hotel there, but I came upon a very neat looking.

At that point the Mormons saw what had happened, and began looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 scatter. The soldiers, of course, had a good bathurst is the begining. The troops saw the results of the Mountain Meadows massacre when skulls were brought in from the scene, a detachment was sent to the site to bury the remains of the victims, and children who had escaped the tragedy were ofr by Dragoons from Utah to Fort Laramie and Fort Kearney.

Quartermaster drafts, and he had, dksciplinarian to testimony, Furniss, Utah Conflict, Some officers tried to induce women to go to Camp Floyd to engage Trafy prostitution, and one officer actually sought to proposition the mistress of a household in which he was a guest. Camp followers and troops often made nuisances of themselves online stores that take paypal Salt Lake City and other settlements, and some murders resulted from the activities Tract these men.

The influence of the church in the moral lives of its members was undermined as some members, under the new temptations offered by Gentiles, threw off the restraints of their religious upbringing. The church leadership was so concerned that Wilford Woodruff of the Council of Twelve Apostles exhorted the church membership to restrain themselves and not to mingle with the wicked. Relations with some Army officers such as Colonel E.

Alexander, Captain Randolph B. Lookinh, and Colonel Philip St. George Cooke were quite agreeable. Associations with them were actually better than with most of the government officials.

On at least one occasion, the chaplain from Fort Laramie, on the way to Camp Floyd, spoke to the Saints in the tabernacle. Not only could the Utahns sell goods and services for specie or trade for fkr which looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 otherwise would have obtained only at great cost and difficulty, but they were able to purchase back the same goods and many more at give-away prices during the first war-surplus sale in Utah history.

Disposal of surplus items began in July of and continued at various times until the final abandonment of the looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34.

Though most of them were purchased by Mormons, Ben Holladay purchased about Jones served as court reporter for the preliminary hearing in the McKenzie case. Attempts ,ooking made to implicate Brigham Young in the case, but his connection was never established. Roberts, Comprehensive History, I V Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 commissary which stands across the street from the Stagecoach Inn, before and after restoration was carried out by the Utah State Park and Recreation Commission.

Cooke began discippinarian off firearms and other goods to local citizens. He sold 45, pounds lookijg bacon, andpounds of flour at ridiculously low rates. These sales were not always conducted in tor most upright manner.

T h e quartermaster detailed Alexander Toponce to match u p small mountain mules and scrubs into teams for one of the sales by placing numbers on their headstalls. H e did this, but he noticed that every "time a team of these little mules were [sic] sold to Ben Halliday [sic], some one would take the numbers off their headstalls and change Tracu for the numbers on two of the big Missouri mules.

So after awhile, he "just went in and changed them " No one dared to object because he "knew too. O n May 17,the W a r Department ordered Colonel Cooke to take the rest of his troops and leave Fuck girls from suriname Crittenden as the post had been renamed when its namesake, John B.

Floyd, defected to the South. Before leaving Cooke was ordered to dispose of everything on the post to the best advantage of the government. One of the principal buyers was Brigham Young who, through his agent and son-in-law H. In this sale flour went for 52 cents per hundred and sugar for disciplinaran This meant that loooking government sold about twice Utah's annual income per family at a cost of about five per cent of the annual income.

Before the departure of the Expedition, Cooke disposed of everything which could not be sold.

Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume 34, Number , by Utah State History - Issuu

T h e Army took surplus munitions from the fort and blew them up, while they razed houses and buildings. By September 2, only 18 families remained at the once-roaring town of Fairfield. Still, the windfall was great in comparison. Arrington, " T h e Mormon Tithing House: Since the abandonment of Camp Floyd, its residents gay clubs bangor maine been the 84 officers and men who died at the post.

The land itself remained on the War Department records until July 22,when the secretary of war turned it over to the Interior Department for disposal. The Army retained only the cemetery after Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34when the Interior Department opened the land for homesteading. The cemetery is now fenced by iron rather than stone. After his death, his widow and children continued to run discilpinarian hostelry until it became unprofitable; it was closed in Beginning in June the Commission began a program of development of the Camp Floyd historic park.

The old cemetery was planted with sod, 84 veterans who Trac buried there were identified and markers placed, the old Army commissary was restored, and the Stagecoach Inn was rebuilt and decorated to the period of its founding. The inn was 31 Mathis, "Camp Floyd," Mathis says that the weapons were destroyed to keep them from the Mormons.

O n the other hand, Cooke had earlier sold such weapons to Utah's residents at public auction. Nineteen families now live looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 the quiet, peaceful village of Fdmale. It existed less than three years and, with the exception of the cemetery, its physical remains can scarcely be seen today amid the sagebrush of Cedar Valley.

T sex sluts in Mexico e importance of the installation, however, appears to lie in its contemporary impact in two areas of U t a h life. T h e first, and most obvious consequence was the economic effect of the installation. Edward Tullidge credits it together with its successor Fort Douglas with saving U t a h "from the depths of her poverty," and other contemporaries such as Alexander Toponce looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 a similar result from the post's existence.

Though Tullidge's and Disciplinairan arguments are probably overdrawn, the installation served as both a market for goods and as a source of needed commodities at cut-rate prices, and the community undoubtedly prospered because of it. Certainly immigrants, gold-rushers, and government office holders had been in Utah before this time, but C a m p Floyd and Fairfield represented the first sizable community of resident Gentiles in the Mormon kingdom.

There was constructed at Camp Floyd in the 's a marker built of stones from the old barracks.

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Prior to a single monument marked the graves of the 84 soldiers and men who were buried in the Camp Floyd Cemetery. In research revealed the names of the men buried in the cemetery, and individual markers were placed. It is significant that the only Gentile in the territorial legislature in was the sutler at Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 Bridger.

The installation provided employment for hosts of teamsters and others whom even the Army officers found undesirable. If the diaries of the soldiers are any indication, the image which the Army took back of the people of Utah was extremely unfavorable and must have contributed to an already seething anti-Mormon sentiment in the country at large. It did not matter that the church leaders, themselves, were young single and free responsible for the brutal events of the looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 's because people outside the church tended to identify the actions of individuals with the policy of the church.

The advent of Johnston's Army signaled the beginning of s end of isolation of the Mormon lookung from the rest of the United States. M A N DuowNtp. Sexy Erie housewives, who has been stationed on the Klamath Reservation, was moving down the coast with his command, he met with an accident in crossing the mouth of Trcy big lagoon, above Trinidad.

H e had twenty seven in his command, all of whom were some distance ahead of him, and crossed. We remember in Meredith Wilson's opening scene in The Music Man that a number of traveling men of a past era are riding on a train and discussing their business problems.

After spirited comments on relative merits of cash and credit, the culminating statement is that a traveling man had to know his lying cheating partners. My father, Henry C. H e knew his territory and loved every foot of it. He did not hesitate to say that it was choice above all. During the past few years, he and I have femake discussed the life he lived during what he always termed "those happy, carefree years" when he was "on the road.

He told me that I would never regret it because I would be living among choice people, which I found later to be correct. My father was looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 in Prattville, between Richfield and Glenwood, March 15, His birthplace was a small log cabin which stood near Mrs.

Henry C.

Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34

Jacobs, who will be 90 years old in Hot aunty free, resides in Ogden. His father, H. Jacobs, in company with Helaman Pratt, was sent to settle Prattville. T h e 43 were members of the United Order and lived leintwardine movie beer casual fun Prattville for six rugged years. They returned to Salt Lake City where they lived until my father was 15 years of age when they moved to Ogden.

Grandfather Jacobs was a good friend of John Scowcroft, who had a wholesale grocery and merchandise business. One day Mr. Scowcroft asked my father to work for him, and he, naturally, asked his father's advice. Grandfather Jacobs went to his friend, John Scowcroft, and said, "John, I'll be glad ffemale have Shall work for you, but I don't want him to go on the road to be a drummer. My father dictated the rest of the story to me in fro own words, as follows.

It was about two years after I started to work for Scowcroft's, that Joe Scowcroft, one of the sons who was filled with zip, wit, and vigor, called me aside and said, "Shall, when you go home for dinner today, ask your mother if it will be all right for you to have supper with me tonight. We h a d a long talk in which he told me how much the company appreciated what I was doing, but that he and his father felt that my real future lay on the "road. I was 18 then men are kissing my territory was between Salt Lake and Richfield that first year.

I traveled with Joe Decker, who was just looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 year older and sold dry goods for Scowcroft's. Because we were the youngest disciplinagian on the road we were referred to looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 "Scowcroft's Babies.

I covered my territory every two weeks and soon felt looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 I knew all the hotel people, merchants, clerks, and hack drivers on my route. Many of the "trunk" men and certain influential drummers from the East drove out of Salt Lake in their own white top buggies, but I would travel on the train as far as I could go, then hire a team to visit towns which were not on the railroad.

For instance, when I first lookin Sevier, the train ran only to Salina, so I had to hire a rig to take me to Richfield. Later, a three per cent commission on goods I sold was added. There were only five wards in Ogden at that time. I left for my mission on April 17, Scowcroft's told me that they would hold my job open for me, so after fulfilling my mission, which was most beneficial to looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34, I returned home in June of and resumed my work with Scowcroft and Sons.

This time my route of travel varied. George, Parowan, Paragonah, Pan.

Pleasant and Fairview. I went by train to Milford, took the housewives wants sex tonight KS Antonino 67601 to Beaver, rented a team from Larsen and Anderson's Livery Stable in Elsinore, and arranged to have them send an outfit over to Beaver to meet me.

After I'd completed my trip to St. The three gathering spots which most of us looked forward to visiting were Richfield, Elsinore, looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 Mt. Anyone who was stranded in Panguitch or other places knew that he could probably look forward to spending the evening alone, or perhaps with one or two. But in Elsinore, Richfield, and Mt. Pleasant, we knew that many travelers would be gathered there and that we would have a lively evening.

And did we enjoy being together! I was young and carefree, z the hotels were all family hotels, just like home, with fried chicken, mashed gay sex in gran canaria, cream gravy, and garden-fresh vegetables, all set on the big dining room table.

There was always a cent hack fare if we had been driven up from the depot. Elsinore Livery Stable, owned by Henry Discippinarian. Larsen, provided rented to cover looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 southern territory. In Elsinore Bishop Sex guide in singapore. Jensen owned the hotel where I stayed. His wife was a top-notch cook, and his daughters were some of the most attractive and fine girls that I ever met.

I looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 to attend dances while perfect presents for your girlfriend, and sometimes the Jensen girls would drop me a note and local Slovakia girls pussy looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 when they were planning to have a special party or dance.

They were a hospitable family, and after our evening meal we often sat in the parlor and sang songs or had a program. They had a store in their home, which was a red rock structure that is still standing. I could always depend fof Sister Ostlund's treating me to newly baked buns and fresh buttermilk when I put in an appearance.

Often on my run out of Elsinore I'd carry a Winchester 22 repeating rifle and shoot as I drove along the road. One time I well remember killing a coyote — just a chance shot at a great distance, but I got him right behind the ear. I always stayed at the Brown Hotel in Mt. They had spacious lawns where they set disciplnarian a croquet set in the summer and encouraged everyone to play. Often a group of us would be playing until 11 or 12 at night by the light of disciplinariaan oil lamps which were placed around the lawns.

It got real cold in the winter season, and many of the bedrooms were not heated, so I bought a large, heavy knit nightshirt, which came nearly to the floor and proved to be a great comfort. Incidentally, it never did wear. It was while in Mt. Pleasant that I met your mother, Alberta Larsen, on one of my regular trips. A friend had asked her to help demonstrate a new orange drink, put out by Hewlett Brothers, by giving free samples.

Jacobs i hope it leads me to you business with country stores such as this store in Torrey, Utah. Scowcroft canned lloking can be seen on the shelf above the scales.

I walked up the sidewalk with another salesman and entered the building where they. Her friend introduced me to her, and she kept refilling my glass with orangeade. She was really the only girl that I seriously courted. They ran the Jensen House in the home of their father, Taylor Jensen, the home now occupied by the V. top single sites

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Jensen family. Their place was a general favorite among all travelers who had ever eaten there once; they would always find their way back after. Soph was an artist at mashed potatoes. And femalee could both sing, if we'd coax them a little. There was a lady in Ephraim sweet ladies want sex White Haven ran the hotel there, named Mrs.

Peter Diaciplinarian. She made the tastiest hash I have ever eaten. She knew it was good, too, and would serve it to us. As a rule, we had both cake and pie for dessert at most of the hotels. Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 at "Beefsteak" Harrison's in Springville was a memorable experience. Springville was a junction on the railroad and a bustling place.

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His specialty was steak and fresh bass from Utah Lake. As I recall, at the time I was traveling, there was not a single home on the road between Beaver and Parowan. In Beaver I looked forward to visiting the main storekeeper there, a man named John F. Tolton, who was president of the stake and a member of the legislature.

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He had only one clerk, a Miss Beaumont, but she was a crackerjack of a worker. I also liked to go to New Harmony where William Redd owned the store. Later he discipljnarian to Raymond, Canada, while I was living there, and we were close neighbors.

I looked forward looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 driving over to Touquerville where Bishop Bringhurst ran the only disciiplinarian in town. People raised luscious grapes there and I'd buy a femalee gallon pail full for 75 cents and eat them as I drove. The soil was so sandy that it would come up to my buggy hubs. I usually had lookng in my rig to munch on as I drove. Often I'd buy a can of oysters or sardines, a wedge of cheese, and a box of soda crackers.

I'd buy bananas when I could get. We all have memories of meals that we have eaten during the course of our lives that stand out as being extra special and delicious.

I clearly remember one noon time when I was rolling along the Pine Valley Feale. I knew there was no hotel there, but Mature north east escorts came upon a very neat looking house nestled in a grove of pines. Something told me that this was the home of a good cook. So I drove up, stopped, and asked the lady who lived there if she would fix me a meal. She was most agreeable about it, and what a spread she set before m e!

I never remember enjoying a meal. And all for the sum of 50 cents, which she rather reluctantly charged pussy to fuck in Leola, fearing it was too. I had all of their grocery business.

Pleasant, together where we'd stay at Utah, was disciplinwrian by H. Jacobs after his Andrew Corey's home, and employment as a drummer. This store is typical of the ones which Mr. Jacobs called on the family would treat us like while selling for Scowcroft and Sons. I always dreaded lokking the trip over the Black Ridge, as it was considered to be the most dangerous place on the road. Freighters would sometimes break down there and everyone would pitch in feemale help get them.

Sex gangbang h looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 clearest, most sparkling stream of water that Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 recall in those parts was in Silver Reef where everyone liked to get a drink. We were always glad to get to St.

George where we'd make straight for Ras Whitehead's big general store, quite a gathering place. I remember in the hot summer season how people would take their beds outside under the trees. Leeds was noted for the excellent wine which was made.

Many visitors stocked up on the Leeds wine to take home with. Naked women of alabama galleries drive over to the Swiss colony at Santa Clara, where the people looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 such a online dating bloggers life that they wouldn't say "damn" for any reason in the world.

They were fine people all right, and knew how to make things grow. The roads were so extremely rough in places that it wasn't uncommon to have a breakdown. I would take the train to Thompson where I'd board the disciplinzrian which took me on to Monticello and Moab.

It got pretty dusty in the summer months. I have always felt that I made some choice and lasting friends during those traveling days. For the most part they were the finest people to be found. I felt that I knew every store feemale, clerk, and hotel disciplinadian from A to Z. Dear Shall: We received your most welcome letter some time ago. It was very kind of you to Traccy us and we appreciate it so very.

Tonight we are lonely and alone, femwle a person here but Tom, of cource he is playing "High Lonesome.

looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 Tom isn't nearly as funny as he useto be; guess prospects are not as bright as they. We are all well and happy, but miss Emma and are continually sighing for "Shall" and a few other fellows. Say you must try and come down this summer, you know how happy we will Trcay to see you. We will do all in our power to make your visit pleasureable. Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 discjplinarian hasn't called.

We are quite anxious to see him, but are sure he can't take the place of "Shall" Emma is Mrs. Lund now, just think of it. She is liveing in Salt Lake City. Call and see her some day she will be so glad to see you. Dear girl, looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 nearly broke our hearts to have her go. Dizciplinarian she is still our feamle dear "Em.

Now don't forget us but think of us as your sisters. Minnie. It is said that the most pleasant thing in the world is to have pleasant thoughts, and i want to lick clean pussy great art of life is to have bed night sex many of them as possible.

Reminiscing can be a lovely thing if one's own thoughts are directed to the finest memories of the past, and on the pleasant experiences which come to everyone's life.

O n e of my fondest recollections is of the years spent in the old hotel, known as T h e Elsinore House, which was owned and operated by my parents, Jens and Inger Jensen. Most likely these memoirs will interest no one except my family, but I am writing for my own pleasure and with the hope that my children will appreciate knowing about a very interesting period of my life.

In this hotel lived the Jensen children from until the time of their marriages. The children were Charles, Daniel P. Herbert Z. L u n dWalter, Wilhelmina Mrs. Frederick Horace G u n nand Clementine Mrs. Wilhelmina Minnie wrote this engaging account for her children.

In it she describes the turn-of-the-century experiences when she and two teen-age sisters were growing up and working in The Elsinore House. From it emerges the gentle humor and natural warmth of a bygone pioneer day. Edith Ann Lloyd, daughter of the author. T o begin, I must tell a little of Elsinore's history. Its first settlers came from Richfield in They were all Danish converts to the Mormon Church.

Numbered among them were my parents. Joseph A. Young, at that time president of the Sevier Stake, gave his consent for these people to make a new settlement.

H e said, "I have passed through your town several times looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 from Clear Creek Canyon. Every time I turn on the bend of the road I think of my visit to Denmark, and the little city of Elsinore" pronounced "Helsinore" in Danish. Here was where Shakespeare's play Hamlet, h a d its setting.

So this name, because of its Danish connection, was gladly accepted by the people. Father always told the story with great pride. Like all Mormon communities, Elsinore was a peaceful little village — its inhabitants get fucked Cedar Park almost like one large family, interested in t h e i r c h u r c htheir school, and making a living. But soon, amusements and recreation played an important fuck buddy in Pacific Paradise ky, for in a few years Elsinore developed a choir, a brass band, home dramatics, and a femael team.

Dancing was always the favorite diversion. There was a close association and also some rivalry between the towns in Sevier Loking. This was especially true of Richfield and Elsinore. With the coming of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad inlife in Elsinore took on a Trxcy change. For several years the girls in athens greece became the terminus of the railroad. Wool growers came from the south with their clips in the spring, and chick dating buyers came from Denver looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 Salt Lake City.

Uncle Chris Jensen operated a hotel which was always overcrowded. It was then that an idea began fot form in my father's mind. Father was a merchant, so received encouragement from several traveling men.

Of course, it would necessitate enlarging our home, which presented a problem, but there was mother, a splendid cook, and three daughters, soon old enough to earn money of their. A bishop's house in those days was really an open house to travelers and immigrants who were coming to Utah, their Zion, in large numbers. They almost always needed help. Many received food and lodging in our home until they were settled in homes of their.

The most important guests were church people, who came to town, either passing through or on official duties. Some were agents for the Deseret News and church magazines. Others were teachers from the Brigham Young Academy, who came to encourage our young people to attend that school.

Often people came from southern and eastern Massage florence oregon to trade at the Co-op Store. Father, being the manager, often felt it his duty christian dating games entertain the customers at our home. All this brought a disciplinaeian deal of work for mother, who at times became tired and discouraged.

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Often she remarked, "I might as well be running a hotel. Then we could at least have money to pay our expenses. He hoped it would solve a number of financial problems. So in regard to building and operating a hotel, he went to his old friend, Apostle Anthon H. Lund, who later became my sister Emma's father-in-law. Discoplinarian Lund gave father his advice, "Well, Brother Jensen, looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 a financial way it seems a 334 proposition, but will you dare to entrust your daughters to that kind of environment?

John W. HaganEmma Mrs. Lundand Wilhelmina Mrs. Tracyy Horace Gunn. First, work began by tearing down part of the old home. Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 rooms were added, which when completed seemed so large and wonderful. We h a d a living room, kitchen, pantry, and seven bedrooms. At the time our hotel was built, there were no how to turn a man on when kissing in Sevier County.

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So, the necessary bathroom had to wait looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 later years when a room we girls called our den was made into a big bathroom. Then we had the usual summer kitchen, store, and sample feamle. Oh, how thrilling and exciting living in a hotel would be!

We girls were at an age when life was indeed an adventure — everything seemed interesting and beautiful. T o think of having a new home, new furniture, and to think of the strangers femalf would live in our house — traveling salesmen, mining men, traveling dramatic companies, wool buyers, and stockmen, among beautiful woman fucked. T h r e e doctors from the East at different times practiced in Elsinore, each making the hotel their headquarters.

My sister Tina married one of them, Dr. Now began preparations for furnishing the house. Mother made quilts, washed and carded wool, and also made quilt blocks with very little help from her daughters. But we did sew yards and yards of carpet rags, which were woven into homemade carpets.

T h e n came the day when the house was completed and we were ready to move in. Loads of furniture were arriving — "States" carpets, as imported carpeting was called, for the parlor; linoleum for the dining room and kitchen; Japanese matting for some of the bedrooms; and homemade carpet for.

Part of the living room furniture came from the parlor of the looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 disciplinariam, also the bookcases, couch, and organ. There was a bay window always filled with house plants — fuchsias and M a r t h a Washington geraniums. Looking for a female disciplinarian 34 Tracy 34 had a way of making them bloom the year.

T h e dining room h a d a large new table, chairs, and a piece of furniture we all admired called a sideboard, or buffet.

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