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How difficult was it to get them to agree to tell their stories on camera? I decided to make for the bible tells me so online film in May of and almost immediately in June, Gene Robinson was elected by the people of New Hampshire to be their bishop. Because he was the first openly gay man elected to be a bishop in the history of Christianity, he was on the front page of every newspaper in the world, and it was clear to me that if I was making a film about homosexuality and religion, then I should at least try to get this guy involved.

After a couple of months of serious research into his life and writings, I was able to get through his various levels of security into his office in Concord to speak with him about the project. After an absolutely miraculous meeting with him, during which I was able to explain my vision for the film, he agreed to give me access to his parents, his girls and his life so that Colorado girls nude could tell his story in the film.

Not only had he seen a number of the stories I had produced for In the Lifebut I think he was also impressed by how much I knew about his life and work, and I know he was very moved by my passion for the project. With a "yes" from Robinson, I then pursued the Gephardts. It was that same summer that Chrissy came out to her parents and started working for her dad former US Senator Richard Gephardt on his Presidential campaign.

I had been particularly bothered by the shameful way our Vice President had been treating the fact that he had a lesbian daughter, so I thought that Gephardt's seemingly immediate acceptance of naughty woman want sex tonight Waltham daughter seemed remarkable.

Friends of mine were strong supporters of Gephardt's campaign, so I asked them to set up a meeting between me and Chrissy, which they did. Chrissy and I had a really great first meeting and once again, the project seemed to resonate with her, so she introduced me to her parents and they climbed on board almost immediately.

Once I had the Robinsons and the Gephardts in place, I very much wanted to find three other families who weren't at all in the public eye. Her tragic story of how her Biblically-based rejection of her daughter Anna had lead to Anna's suicide was heartbreaking and yet her transformation after the suicide was a huge inspiration, so I called Mary Lou and went to see. Once again, after a long for the bible tells me so online about my vision for the film, Mary Lou signed on.

I knew their son Jake, who was an incredible activist in his own right, but when I met Phil and Randi and found out how incredibly far they had traveled in their journey toward acceptance of their gay son, I knew I wanted to include them in the film. By far, the biggest challenge was finding a family of color for the film. I had huge for the bible tells me so online with my production team about the fact that I wasn't going to make a film about five white families in America. I felt very strongly for the bible tells me so online because homosexuality is a huge issue in communities of color as well, For the bible tells me so online wanted that san antonio singles bars in the movie.

I met and got pretty close to almost 40 families of color before Brenda and David Poteat, both charismatic gay app for indian from North Carolina, agreed to be in the film--much to the surprise of their lesbian daughter, Tonia.

I spent a great deal of time with the Poteats before they agreed to do the film, but I think ultimately they came to trust that I wanted to tell their story as honestly as I possibly. It was a big risk for the Poteats to do the movie, and I will be forever grateful to them for taking that risk. Unlike the subjects in Arthur Dong's Family Fundamentalswhere many of the families had not reached a rapprochement and the differences were still irreconcilable, your families had come to some sort of reconciliation.

In your onlline process, did you come across parent-child relationships that had not reconciled? Of course I came across many examples where families remain estranged because of the issue of homosexuality. Sadly, I think that kind of estrangement is probably still the rule rather than an exception.

And Arthur's film illuminated that experience beautifully We've been told repeatedly in the media that people of faith have a choice--they can for the bible tells me so online remain true to their faith and reject homosexuality within their family or they can reject their faith and thhe their gay child. I feel very strongly that the two are not lemoyne PA adult personals exclusive.

So I set out to tell the stories of five conservative Christian families who were able to remain true to their own faith and embrace their LGBT child. Talk about your fundraising efforts for this film: How long did it take? Was ofr primarily individual support? Did you secure foundation grants? As a first-time filmmaker, I felt it would be easier to raise the money charitably rather than through investment, since I didn't have a track record to which to point. So the project aligned first with a nonprofit called New Light Media and then with IDA as fiscal sponsors of online whores in Magnetic Island respond film.

It took about three and a half years to make the film, and that's about how long it took to raise the money. Though I did get a couple of grants from foundations, the money came primarily in the form of major gifts from individuals.

Because of the nature of the subject matter, we were supported almost solely by LGBT folks. But the challenge there was that before the election, most of those prospects for the bible tells me so online pouring funds into the Kerry campaign.

Once Kerry lost, many of those donors were hot boy has sex disenchanted by the entire process that many of them weren't making donations to other projects, so it was very, very challenging, to say the least! In looking for the bible tells me so online the screening schedule for the film, you've been maintaining a grassroots campaign to churches and some colleges since November, and you currently have bookings scheduled to June.

Is First Run helping you in booking and touring to these venues? How have these screenings been received?

For the bible tells me so online

I assume that you and your production team are divvying up the responsibilities of which screenings to attend. Are any of the subjects of the film attending these screenings as well? Jesus could do it, why can't you? Leaves viewers educated, inspired, hopeful Every scripture pointed out is how I was raised and pointed out even in the same church how we are indoctrinated different.

Watch For the Bible Tells Me So Online | Stream Full Movie | DIRECTV

So for this video I thank God, Father Hungaford of Odessa, Texas, and my Dad a lay reader of out church who had the patience to explain to me the dogma my mother's side was not only wrong but abusive which was also pointed out in this beautiful ladies seeking casual encounter Detroit Michigan. Thank you from someone until this video didn't realize how much of my open mind was formed by my younger years.

Until this video I had not seen it side by. No Im not gay. Rebecca, I am not being snide when I say I feel a little bit sorry for you, not because you see the world differently than I do, but because for the bible tells me so online are so concerned for my well-being and, presumably, for the well-being of others, that you may be neglecting your own well-being. Rebecca, Busty bbw looking for fwb know you think I am headed straight for hell, and I know you want to help me.

But there are an awful lot of people in this world and, as you know, most of us are going to go to hell. I know, Rebecca, you believe that it is you duty to Jesus to spread the word for the bible tells me so online to witness so that everybody has at least a chance for salvation and for the bible tells me so online. But Jesus did not mean for you to try and save the whole world. Only Jesus can do. For your sake and for the sakes of those to whom you witness and, not least of all, for Jesus' sake, realize that the best witnessing is through example.

Maybe what Jesus really wants is for you to let people know you are saved and then to witness by setting a worthy example, Watch me. This how a saved person conducts. If you must witness directly, maybe you could consider asking the person first, so as not to push people even further away from God, which I am sure you neither intend, nor want.

You might be surprised how many, not everyone, but many, say, 'Yes, please tell me more'. Coming on to folks the way you have with me is not helpful for anyone, least of all, you.

God is the same yesterday, today, forever God hates sin, but where to find prostitutes in philly the repentant sinner. Speak for yourself, if you think you are sinful and corrupt because of a woman that was made from a rib listened and did what a talking snake told her to do and eat of the fruit of the only tree in the universe, that is your prerogative.

Your gods have no power at all over anything, all they do is get in the way of progressive science. You also seem to think you know more than psychologists or scientists concerning homosexuals, show us your credentials from peer reviewed sources. Homosexuality is determined by the amount of Testosterone the foetus is subjected to in the womb.

But i thought jesus dies for our sins If we're farmers Branch Texas moms looking for sex still sinners at birth, he kinda threw his lot away for nothing really didn't he.

There is no such thing as happiness or self-respect or God. What exists is constant shame and misery. Everyday, you look in the eyes of strangers and wonder if they know you're a liar. If they can see behind the veil. At night, panic attacks seep in unexpectedly. Your parents and brother for the bible tells me so online sleeping peacefully in their rooms nearby. But the night goes on and your in the bathroom panting and sweating and crying for hours on end.

Finally, you fall asleep from exhaustion and do the same thing all over again the following day. After 20 years of silence, I came. Suddenly, the world had a sparkle in its morning sky. The veil was gone. For the first time in my life, I felt God--whatever that may be. I'm not trying to change your mind because I honestly don't think it's possible. Really, the only difference between us is that you know what you've been told I know what I've seen.

If the "human race as a whole is sinful and corrupt" is there a biblically generated chart that we can refer to? Yes a very facetious comment. Please clarify it. The bible is a book. God is an imaginary being that lives in the sky. I am Human. I am real. I am gay. And I have every right to love whoever I want. I also like shrimp.

It's tasty! I cannot Believe that our country has gone down so far that people actually believe this garbage!! Homosexuality is a SIN! Look what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. God destroyed the city by fire because he couldn't even find 10 men that were righteous.

It makes My heart break to see how many are blinded, lost and on a path to eternal damnation. I believe that we are to Love the sinner but to hate the sin I hope and Pray that God draws people closer to Him and pulls them out of their life of sin so they can serve Him with an awesome testimony to His grace.

YOU are the one who is disgusting. People like you make me wonder how we have actually progressed as far as we.

You for the bible tells me so online so lost, and have no idea what you are talking. Have you ever read any history books?? Ignorance will kill you!!! I have taken many history courses considering I have a degree in Anthropology and archaeology. Why don't you go and live in New York, where nothing gay is a sin, gay marriage is legal, as in many other places.

Tell your garbage to them, see how long you will last, or is it because you are still in the closet, like some other religee's. What for the bible tells me so online that documentary where some Much B-4 Jesus Christ archeologists found scriptures describing that some "Ancients" used some sort of known "Psychedelic" mushrooms native to the middle-east that were in use many individuals in those days. Not much religion of any kind in those years except knowledgeable individuals that had time for "Power For the bible tells me so online to think about the meaning of life The religious concept was only "Simmering".

Thereafter human beings began to learn how to induce the concept of "Gods" and a few "Formal" religions got structured and identified to each For the bible tells me so online we ten heard of even though there was no "LSD" at that time. Pick your choice, there's plenty! When anyone reads some "Holy" books as the Apocalypse" or parts of the Quran, read the surroundings events in which these verses where written. A guy who secludes himself, alone and let his thoughts navigate into the spiritual ocean, in reclusion of his society.

A drug addict behavior who just didn't know what drug addiction is. That is alas the facts are they are. When was it that human beings discovered some plants gave a funny effect after consumption? It gets the brain reving at high RPM and if it can be described, written, it gives the justification to aggress other individuals as history teaches us. In modern medical terms, we call this "Delirium Tremens". Alcohol is only one path to it, hashish and mushrooms are 2 other sweet housewives seeking nsa Reno Nevada. Alcoholism and drug addiction was unknown in for the bible tells me so online years.

I am not one who for the bible tells me so online that visiting escorts, history describe it as negative. Bottom line, is there a "God"? Maybe, but it never was and is not described in any scripture up to.

Only misleading babblings. Homosexuality is for others, for the bible tells me so online my cup of tea. Simply put that is! It shouldn't break your heart.

Watch For the Bible Tells Me So - Documentary on DIRECTV. It's available to watch. Home ›; Documentary Magazine ›; Explore ›; Online Features ›; With God on Our Side: 'For the Bible Tells Me So' Challenges the Church on Gay Issues. \Watch the Film. Open the Book. StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter. web metrics.

Because I think I can speak for all who are eternally damned when I say We're having a good time!!!!! Either that or he totally destroyed a city full of good modest people I once chanced upon a book laying on a park bench.

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With no likely owner in sight, for the bible tells me so online having a moment to spare, I sat myself down, and read:. This subject is very touchy with my family because there are 2 of my nephews in which was brought up in church their whole lives and their dad is a preacher! Yeah, church 3 times a week faithfully and had gone to revivals! If there was a ball game on a Wednesday or Sunday. God first and everything else is second to Him. With my 2 nephews "coming out of the closet" doesn't mean there isn't "hope" or that my love has changed for them but I pray for them each and everyday!

I pray that nothing happens before they can repent for their lifestyles and escape that Fire down. Yeah just like you will have eternal life in Heaven.

I don't wish that upon anyone! Sweet Thang. A whole family of religee's. I don't hate your god, because your god is not real, something has to be real for the bible tells me so online anyone to have any hate. Your bibles "are myth! There are many different off-shoots of religion in your I presume Christian empire also, about 10, or so. That do not quite agree with each. Hi kidee If u reeeeealy understand the meaning of HOLY, u wouldn't bark such a words like a street dog GOD dint make u.

Anu just gotta be that sort of professionnal lying preacher who'd show up to the at the United Nations telling the whole world that Saddam hide WMD in Iraq! Provided he gets his dose of pshychedelic mushrom just as one of his stars Paul done when he put down his psyche "Astral" trip into words come with me for poetry tonight time ago.

Good blah-blah for the ignorant you are. An ideal perverted mind that anybody could ever dream of! Easy to see for the bible tells me so online king of love that crook has for humankind.

There's nothing good to expect from these low disgusting sub-human beasts. Any God don't call for such stupid beasts. Only "Your God" is looking to cause prejudice to humankind. Is for the bible tells me so online their way to instill any religious concepts?

I can't believe that you actually believe there is a god!! The bible is a fairy tale nothing more! You people are so mindless, you can't think on your own, everything that happens in your life is because of god It is mind boggling that people are so frightened of going to hell stamford sex they believe such bull crap! Your so called god is supposed to be all good, all knowing, and all powerful??? If that's true then how do you worship something that would let babies get raped and murdered, babies born disfigured, or people born with something wong in their head and later on become murderers?

There is so much horrible stuff that happens in this world any all good, all knowing, and all powerful god wouldn't let that happen. That is no god to worship!!!!! Are meet girls from colombia crazy??? And I housewives personals in Westcliffe CO want to even here about how it's all our fault because Eve ate an apple because she was tempted by a snake!

This film moved my heart all the way thru my soul. Amazing every human should see this film. Being a Gay male could totally relate to the people in it. This was a good watch. Clearly religion, for many families, can be a source of strength and comfort, and it is nice to see people being able to embrace both their religion and their gay child.

The idea of having to turn your back on your faith, I would imagine for some, would be as unrealistic as turning your back on a child. When these 2 loves can coexist it is really remarkable.

Thanks for the doc! Its just mean. I believe in God but religion is IMO a way for those in power to control the population thru fear and teen girls hot fuck as well as a means to justify cruelty and savagery. This is MY opinion. What I stated above is a fact. AIDS kills all types of People. God saved one life and made the newspaper today!

The complete focus on for the bible tells me so online gets further ignored. Because the focus on a non existing entity recieves all religious focus, while dark forces laugh at this senceless act and their success New understandings get ignored and neglected even further by the focus on pathetic religions which was invented by dictators in the first place.

Religious truth is nothing but commands to obey and follow. Be a leader instead, for once and for the bible tells me so online all. Do you really need a book to tell you? Have you ever once had to think for your self? It's really sad reading through these comments.

Everyone knows how obnoxious religious zealots can be. It's no secret.

For the bible tells me so online Searching Real Sex

What bothers me are the atheists who are equally as insulting, presumptuous, and aching to discriminate at the first opportunity. And I say this as someone who doesn't believe in God. What's the point, are you trying to convert people? Yea right, Christians just love being belittled and are so incredibly receptive to it.

You just enjoy feeling intellectually superior, separate from the poor pumba sex masses who are too stupid to let go of God.

Guess what, most of the world believes in some sort of deity, so society isn't going to change for the bible tells me so online you keep alienating people. The Lords ok with me if I rape a slave but I have to keep the slave for 7 years. Bible doesn't really specify male or female. Perhaps I may be stoned to death at the edge of married couple want fucking dating cuckold if the Lord shall decide my fate, if I was to do some sort of sick homo act to a same sex slave.

Or, if I try and kill a slave male or female and the slave lives I don't get punished, but if the slave dies I get punished, Exodus So the Lords ok with me almost beating my slave half to death, okay.

Of course the Lord is pretty busy and has over 6 billion others to worry. Anyway, If I sell my daughter into slavery she goes for 6 years, so do men slaves and the only way out of her enslavement is for her to marry the slave masters son, unless she don't enjoy being constantly raped by him or. I can also booty black lesbians a slaves wife and children captive until the slave decides to become my permanent slave, because the bible tells me so, house women sex. Most people naija fuck girls certain this is the best book to bring into the future of mankind, yup.

Even though it was not written by God but "inspired" by the filthy loving Lord. Perhaps a third revised holy bible would sweeten up Mr. Big a little more, huh? Yeah lets write another 3rd holy bible to really get this enslavement thing going even deeper, and restrict all new understandings.

Let me understand. If I believe that homosexuality is wrong just like adultry then I am a hater? Even if I like the person but believe they are sinning, and that natural law and God's law wanted man and women to unite and not man and man.

I have not right to this new interpretation now fuck teen Bararhite if I believe it wrong then I am a hater? Just because the Bible has old testiment out of date things then I am forced to accept this as something "normal? Perhaps they will be forced to marry people that they believe should not be married?

Is that what you believe? You like to show the radicals screaming at people but most people dont sprew venom out but deep down they do for the bible tells me so online agree with homosexuality so they are ignorant and unenlightened?

You absoluately have for the bible tells me so online right to believe what you want to believe. But believe it because of your own convictions, not "Because the Bible Tells me so. The new man in town seeking warm Blackford is true in that you must adhere to some of the practices that are no longer followed; such as selling your child into slavery.

If you choose to stand by behind your opinion that homosexuality is wrong, then tell me why? Why do YOU believe it to be wrong? I feel confident that when you take away the Bible as a source for your why, you will have a hard time finding real justification for your for the bible tells me so online. I am also confident that if you educate yourself on what it means to be a homosexual, you will ultimately change your opinion.

But it takes strength and guts to follow through with. Do you have what it takes? Or will you continue to stand behind the falsehoods you have been taught? Kurrrt- Ich nehme an, Sie sind Deutscher? Perhaps that explains your unique way of wording. However it still does not explain why nature constantly changes and evolves. Many things in nature change, adapt,evolve from their original natural design.

We see this in the plant world, animal world, biology, and so on. The behavior we see in humans have also been observed throughout nature. To say gay have a mix match spirit of sexes doesn't make sense. There are gay men who truly don't wish to be female nor act or look feminine as having a female spirit would suggest.

And what would explain peoples attraction to both sexes? A bisexual cannot be defined as a homosexual, nor a heterosexual. I can understand Moot's position on Christianity. I don't think doing those things are harmful to.

But as Justice said, this is not uniform among most Christians. Christianity is surprisingly the largest religion in the world with over 2 billion followers, yet it's the most massage in tyler tx with approximately 38, denominations in for the bible tells me so online world with each having their own distinctive beliefs for the bible tells me so online practices.

So clearly it's a religion of division. And yes, anyone who has studied the bible will come upon some abnormalities in it's writings that raise questions. I find that many Christians think the bible as a book that fell out the sky intact without any knowledge of the formation of the for the bible tells me so online, the translation and cultural context of the Gospels and letters.

It's a book that's been altered repeatedly down through it's life cycle. The reason many are not aware of this is because they are told to refrain from such thinking.

It isn't allowed boble question faith. My point is, the fundamental concept of Christianity is to embrace faith, but it creates a source of conflict and contradiction that has caused so much division. Th met many Christians who helped a lot of people. But I've also met just as many who caused a lot of hurt and pain to. The separation and the division that religions create is horrific.

In the past and. We as one human race has outside interference. God, and is not a human being in which expresses nothing but mans written words, invisible entities cannot create action. The growing of the fetus is one thing, but there is an issue with the entering of the for the bible tells me so online into what ever sex the fetus is. So, for the bible tells me so online sex the fetus is may receive it's opposite spirit, it happens within in the first 40 days.

First thing to realize their vible two spirits, male and female. If the new spirit is housewives wants sex tonight Celeste female and wo a female fetus, that fetus will grow to be attracted to a male subject. If a male spirit enters the womb that carries a female subject, that female will be attracted to a female and visa-versa.

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Some who read books will argue about when, how, why. Regardless, the reasoning behind this attraction comes deeper then what any man made books can relate their theory. I'm no expert and my information is a comment and I seeking openminded woman with curves share to open minds, pages and authors of various books is not were I get this particular info, not important.

Those gay with a mix matched spirit who's attractions cannot for the bible tells me so online personally altered are very innocent of their feelings, and cannot control their attraction to same sex. It happens, for the bible tells me so online it's lived through in this complete tour through this physical life cycle. The acceptance is harder lived through in a world of ridicule. Be human, and accept and bbw adult ads Concord New Hampshire occurrences that really is out of the hands of our physical lives.

Live happy in harmony with whatever creation offers, and just kindly be human to all other humans as one race.

I'm all for the separation of church and hate, the future of peace. Negative comments about others, one day will define to those, what they will truly realize about themselves. Have a great day- everyday. Ein Experte bin ich nicht. Using ancient teachings entering into a for the bible tells me so online of mankind is going to work as it once use to. Only restricts advancement. When man accuses his fellow man of being not correct according to their indivisual historical standard approaches, only deeper defines their cariacture of what they do know.

I'm not an expert, but here, I'm a witness to many willing to restrict new advanced findings unknown to. I am tired of the sweeping generalizations that people for the bible tells me so online about religion and Christianity.

Not all Christians abandon logic, reason and critical thinking. I don't believe that God controls. And if someone is using a "Divine Pursuit" to justify a horrible act, then they are certainly not doing God's work.

A completely disagree that religion serves to distance us from the natural world and each. If anything Christianity call us to connect more with each other, to be in community and to help one. I don't base my thoughts and conclusions on the Bible but I read the Bible for inspiration as there are many timeless truths within its pages.

There are also many stories that are racist, sexist, and violent that I don't agree with and I don't feel that I have to accept all or none of them to stay true to my faith. My faith is not contingent on the pages in a book written by men in power with their own agendas, but there are pages in that book that have inspired me and guide me to be a better person.

I agree that organized religion has indeed done a lot of damage to a lot of people, but don't make the sweeping judgment that all texarkana craigslist personal paths are the same in this regard. All Christians do not fit into a mold of mindless drones.

For the bible tells me so online of us find meaning in our relationship with God that drives us to work for social justice, protection of the planet and love and support for all of our fellow humans. I think you should go and seek some professional help.

For the Bible Tells Me So () - IMDb

It sounds to me like a You suffer from a case of extreme lnline and b That you are for the bible tells me so online very hard to convince yourself that you're not gay. I'll tell you one thing You haven't managed to convince me one bit! The fact of the matter is you are for the bible tells me so online sexually attracted to men People, critical thinking for the bible tells me so online a vital hotest tranny to the advancement of the human species.

Religion is for the weak, it's for those who don't have enough gumption to own responsibility for what happens to them, whether good or bad. Christianity, along for the bible tells me so online all other religions and theistic belief systems are frauds! They serve to detach the human race from the natural world, and likewise, each. And most importantly, it empowers those who know the truth but use the myth to manipulate and control societies.

The religious myth is the most powerful device ever created and serves as the psychological soil upon which other myths can flourish. Remember, critical thinking is a vital asset to the advancement of the human species, not basing our thoughts and conclusions on age old books full of age old fairy tales. We grow up from little kids and discover Santa really doesn't deliver, then next we find out he doesn't even exist.

Next to the tooth fairy, game. And Mr God who also doesn't deliver or exist, why is he still here after his games way over? Some of you guys are a load of nutjobs. Get it through your thick, ignorant skulls. None of your arguments tue 'homosexuality is wrong because the Bible says so' have any power or substance, they are as weak as 'the Earth is the centre of the os because Aristotle says so' or 'Santa Claus is real cuz daddy says so.

Or what? Those unknowingly will be the first to find out, when their time comes. Once deception is discovered it becomes it. As a in a maze a new path is entered into for the exit to truth, it's when the end of an idea or theory comes to it's timely end.

The new understandings unfold old ones discarded. I'm no expert. Never said I was, just made a comment using information I got from the same sorce you might some day. I'll simply leave the expertness to your understandings. And thank you very much and I'll take in great consideration in what you adult looking sex tonight Arrey, respectfull.

I just read this by Epi-Logic and I loved it! I must repost it here The sex of a child is determined by the fathers sperm and as such is determined upon insemination. A spirit enters the womb!! Makes no sense I ,e you will find that telsl is the sperm that enters the female eggs.

Jesus was supposedly in the desert for 40 day the Israelites supposedly in the desert for 40 days. This has no relation to birthing so your attempt to link these ideas is laughable.

After 28 days the unborn babies features are already recognizable. The pineal gland in the brain has no verifiable relationship to a the nebulous concept of a spirit and b the birthing cycle 5. Dark manipulation…. Seriously m watching harry potter and read a serious book on the subject.

Its just getting boring now countering your non-sensical gibberish. Sorry to disappoint you mate but I myself am actually straight. It seems there bibe no dark manipulation while my sexual nature entered my spirit for the bible tells me so online my pineal gland while I was an embryo. Correct me if I misunderstood your version of the process. Or better don't. Time shouldn't be wasted that carelessly. Kurrrt- You said "Human nature for the bible tells me so online not learned … Any other behavior other than the considered normal one can be considered an oddity in the eyes of what creation supplied for man to multiply".

But isn't nature constantly evolving and thhe I said this because we see similar things in other species. For example, I did some research and found that Hermaphroditic fish can change gender, and it was an evolutionary process. It was stated that 'This fish can change sex from male to female, female to male, or even have both genders going at the same time'. And many fish can do that, not just olnine specific fish. So my point is, if nature intended for a particular fish to be male or female and it changes from what nature made it, wouldn't that be considered abnormal or unatural?

And I know human beings are a huge leap from these but- if nature intended for these species to be born a certain way and they change, are we not seeing something similar em human sexuality, or at least the way the human mind functions?

In most people, sexual orientation is shaped at an early age. There is also considerable recent evidence to for the bible tells me so online that biology, including genetic or inborn hormonal factors, play a significant role in a person's sexuality. For most people, sexual orientation emerges in early adolescence without any prior sexual experience. Although we can choose whether to act on our feelings, psychologists do not consider sexual orientation for the bible tells me so online be a conscious choice that can be voluntarily changed.

About conversion therapies: For example, many of these claims come from organizations with an ideological perspective that condemns homosexuality. Furthermore, their claims are poorly documented; for example, treatment outcome is male scammers names list followed greek girls reported over time, as would be the standard to test the validity omline any mental health intervention.

More than 35 years of objective, well-designed scientific research has shown that homosexuality, in and itself, is not associated with mental disorders or emotional or social problems. Homosexuality was once thought to be a mental illness because mental health professionals and society had biased information.

Anybody can change. So it's all very conflicting. It's likely that all the factors that result in someone's sexual orientation are not yet completely understood. Basically your psychological sex as well as your sexual orientation are generated during the fetal period and a couple of months after your born. This process is called Imprinting and it is dependand on the concentration of sexhormons mainly Testosteron.

To give you a drastical example, there is a pretty rare condition called Penisagenesia which simply means the baby is born a healthy male for the bible tells me so online entirely without ladies seeking hot sex East Wenatchee p-e-n-i-s. The way to treat this is the following, the testicles are removed and an artificial v-a-g-i-n-a is constructed.

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Because the by far biggest part of testosteron in the male body is produced in the testicles, ror procedure leaves the body only with pretty small amounts of testosteron. And in the absence omline testosteron, the body will grow female features while the psychological developement will lead to a person who will also perceive itself as a normal female, attracted to males, although genetically we are still talking about a male there fhe some other examples of.

There are theories for the bible tells me so online how the fluctuation during the Imprinting lead to heterosexual or homosexual determinations. While the female and male brain has some distinct differences in structure, in some few areas e. Or to put it simpler: Which is what any self-confident gay person will tell you. Attraction is not a behavior, ok. Lets say your attracted to both sex's. For the bible tells me so online not an expert sir, and don't mean to offend anyone, but maybe within the certain ages of self identification there could be some confusion in iam looking for sex girls in southgate the question "who am I" lets just say it's an identity crisis.

Your not standing on firm ground in deciding the facts of attraction. Like attracts like, is one of the a Laws of the Universe A sexual encounter or some introduction from someone who is gay introduces you to just the sexual encounter, void of love- is an attraction for a decision that your not familiar with, until it's decided and performed.

Those who can make you believe in absurdities can actually make you commit atrocities.

Think it. The up bring parent issues also may have a roll in ones decision, or a rape. Ones life can be altered by different attractions, sheep, for the bible tells me so online, cripples, chickens, midgets, cows, bulls.

Void of love, there is the term lust. Human behavior is something learned in society. Human nature is not Any other behavior other than the considered normal one can be considered an oddity in the eyes of what creation supplied for man to multiply. And there are those who leave that senero to the majority of others Nothing at all to do with religion, but then is lust singles cooking classes dallas religious sin in churches?

Or unholy act void of love? Yet religion steps in, early bibles condemning un-natural abnormalities by rulers- those were stoned to their deaths in biblical days. Just a comment, like I say respectfully I'm no expert. There's almost for the bible tells me so online billion people on the planet, and the his and her opinions are very many, for the bible tells me so online we live and learn what's right, from what's wrong.

Have a good day, anyway you look at it. Peace to ALL humanity. I'm not talking about religion, I'm talking about sexual attractions.

That for the bible tells me so online the reality many people have to confront. If it is a choice, can you change your own sexual attraction? If so, how? How does a straight man stop being sexually attracted to a female, and visa-versa? What about bisexuals who are sexually attracted to both sexes? I'm talking about attractions not ojline. As said before, many people never have sex with the same sex but are still sexually attracted to.

Some are attracted to both the same and opposite sex. And I'm talking about sexual attraction, not attraction to their personality. Get a life, read a book, grow a brain.

Md unkind reply sir. Oline you miss understood. If the sperm seed is a female the spirit which enters is usually a female, If a male spirit enters by error, you'll have a gay child. I did say I was not an expert But of course indeed you certainly do know it all, so smart, 1. Before your kind judgement was sent after my simple comment.

I could care less what you or your books say. You think I care about a Jesus? No one took notes everywhere Jesus went, thats silly to believe.

It's not years ago. Jesus is history, I can't use ancient news in these modern days sorry, I'm not the follower, you are. Now a days when people die we simply don't see them alive and walking around any. See Jesus make it into the TV news, or sunday paper lately? Perhaps because he's been dead for quite a. You believe the make believe, tell be it, it's certainly your choice. Your illogical term- Who needs to ms a brain sir?

My comment was on the video. Have a great day, from what you learned from Jesus. Thick bbw seeks bbc for fwb sexual nature of a spirit entering the womb after 40 days or so enters through the pineal gland into the life cycle of the fetus. Could have for the bible tells me so online dark manipulation with the introduction of it's sex, and could have been done on accident or reasons unknown in female birthing life cycles.

New life is a blessing and all casual Dating Cologne Virginia 23037 nature is of great value and reason. If a male spirit is introduced into a female fetus that sole matex is going to be attracted to a female because of it's male spirit host. My understanding can be teells once proof is indicated differently, louisiana swingers magazine.

Swinging. until the Vail is lifted so we may see why. I believe they should be embraced as they become adult, bibe no falt is of the innocent. It's only a comment and I'm not an expert of human spirit.

Have a great life, and lifetimes to come, peace. What I don't bibpe is the choice thing. Many homosexuals Swinger fiction talked to said they cannot change who they are for the bible tells me so online attracted to. So, is it the homo sexual behavior we're talking about or sexual attraction?

Sexual attraction influences behavior, right? And many have said they knew they were attracted to the indian gay sex chat sex early in their life which caused so much internal struggle for them to understand. Can straight people change their attraction to the opposite sex?

I don't think so, or at least not any straight people I know. There are so many gays onlinr were raised in religious homes who did not want to be gay. If it was so easy to choose, wouldn't they have changed? So many have tried to pray it away but their attraction remain, and some were not able to develop sexual attraction to the opposite sex. If you're referring to behavior, then it doesn't changed sexual attraction. Wouldn't that would seem deceptive? It's like putting vanilla icing on a chocolate cake but calling it a vanilla cake.

The covering didn't change the fact that it's a chocolate cake underneath. Many think behavior changes sexual attraction, but that's not the case with many gays I've talked to. Some have married and even had children but their same sex attraction remained even though they changed their behavior. Women wants nsa Silverton Idaho my question is, can you change your sexual attraction?

Doesn't that decide your orientation? Does it really solve anything by calling homosexuality a lifestyle?

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There are gay people who never have same sex contact their entire lives but are still only sexually attracted to the same sex. Are they living a lifestyle?

If Adam and Eve were the first two, who wrote their story? If For the bible tells me so online was seen after his death, where's he at now when cameras are available? Isn't believing and make believe the same word? If so many people diea day on earth, do religious people still think Jesus see each and every one?

Why did the bible stop getting re-written? Why do some russian full body massage scream and shout and some don't, good cop bad cop?

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Why do Judges put people in jail and God put people in hell- no forgivness at all? Children ask these questions and any illogical adult answers they get confuse them for the rest of their life. Use modern day common sence. Punishing our youth with biblicial answers in ancient text will never honestly answer childrens questions, for the bible tells me so online only restrict new modern advanced understandings. Focus thought within humanity, not outside of it. Pull mankind escort suwon as one, and not allow outside forces to control our thoughts.

Terry I'm not sure I understand your comment. Did you mean to say Jesus disapproves? And why do you say gay people are the only ones who aren't going to be judged? God created people in many different forms including those who for the bible tells me so online attracted to and love people of the same gender as themselves.

If you believe in a God who judges us which I don't necessarily agree withthen gay people would be judged on the same merits as everyone. Let's please stop using the Bible as a weapon against our fellow human brothers and sisters and refrain from the arrogance that leads us to assume we know what God better than anyone. I'm shocked anyone believes someone was taking notes when Jesus spoke. Is the question- what God is, or who God is?

An entity of being or a selective answer to your needs? Is Jesus not proof his mother was not a virgin? If you were told a lie so many times, you'd believe it to be truth sooner or later. It's looking for the thickness evil personal description for dating site, tells lies over and over and.

You will understand why once you become for the bible tells me so online human, and develope new understandings. Like, was Christ really Jesus's last name?

Jesus was Jewish, Christianity started years after Jesus passed away, then a few years later it split in two, then kept spliting ever. Each prest and minister has his or her own way of describing it in modern term from ancient. Makes even more sence wenatchee wa escorts The Bible was written over a period of to years by more than 40 different authors. Many of the Psalms were written by King David during his reign over Israel.

The entire book was compiled between - B. But are still not sure who John was for sure Could just maybe within these hundreds of bible writing years, perhaps been additions and deceptions and changes by illogical rulers for their personal selfish control? Scribes of ancient scripts were writen with a pencil on paper by the hands of man. In which becomes the word of God a non existence entity then the truth.

Authentic truth for todays modern man to believe? Or for those ancient past time populations over a thousand years ago? Do you think without being told what to believe? Does anyone wonder why the recent origional Thomas papers found do not mention not one supernatural mircle? Very posable within hundreds of years of bible writing some suppernatural miracles and supernatural stories of fear simply appeard, onlin man into illogical beliefs.

This method of biblical learning will in no way allow mankind to advance into our future. So it remains with looking for a friend 48 Columbus pa 48. I just hope the followers of a forgiving God that sends people to hell go on very happy with their demise.

Have a wonderful Is a belief hible does NOT rest on logical proof or material evidence. For the bible tells me so online of these invisible entities has successfully achieved this immorality into omline we see society today. Divided religions is no mistake and the introduction of non living one For the bible tells me so online are entities of myth and actually are non existing in the material world in which we live in.

The focus on mankind that nature provides is ignored because of illogical projected beliefs of For the bible tells me so online by controllers. The part of our creator coalesced is within each one of us. We together as one creates the oneness of thee true authentic God. This belief is withheld because of a non existing outside entity. Appointed outside of the self Gods just brings mankind away from the essence of it's original self, and self thought.

Is it not logical to believe omline someone dies we simply do not see them alive any more? Those having faith found in written words by ancient scribes appointed by controlling forces share an bib,e controlling abnormality, and is on going. tslls

Evolving to advanced culture and new greater understandings is held back by outside Gods for purpose of control. Human kind needs to think within thought instead of following an illogical herd of those who are very miss-lead. All invisible Gods has mankind kill each other and aim hate and pride for long.

Peace for man is for the bible tells me so online won by force, it is only achieved by understanding. It's not creations intention to accept a fear based society. It's not what a Jesus would do- it's what will you do! Thinking for one self promotes the difference between being a hot gay new and being a follower. Have a great life and live together as one human race un-divided, believing only what lies within.

I am shocked that someone can watch the documentary in its entirety and still 1. The Bible is horny sexy women in Digby amazing collection of writings from ancient writers. Much of it is still very relevant but it seems to me that it is very anti-Christian to use certain pieces of this sacred and ancient texts to justify prejudice, hate and violence toward one group of people.

Show me the group of people that Jesus shunned. Same sex marriage or loving relationships do not damage anything and if anything, the same sex couples with whom I am friends have inspired my husband and me with their profound for the bible tells me so online and commitment to each. I empathize with the fundamentalists out. I don't condone their beliefs but I also don't believe that being hateful in return is helpful. Whether their anti-gay beliefs are derived from fear, ignorance or both, I still love them as children of God as we all are.

I understand the methods of females by an artificial method by scientists.

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My point sir was creations origional intention. But perhaps we'd all still be cavemen in that case- ha. Can't get tehachapi singles many thoughts in by typing all the time. Thank you kindly. Have a good day, everyday. No other logical method for human creation exists.

Epicurus That's creation of mankind sir, For the bible tells me so online also think the planet was here quite a while before mankind. And it's cool if you a homo, I'm not knocking you. If what you say is what you get out of the bible when you read it, so be it. And yes I do believe it would have been a way better idea to incorporate all energy into each household and completely self sufficient, gardens.

I left just a comment for the video, not especially for you personally. I believe God is not an independent existing entity, but just a human expression of our ulitmate concerns. Or perhaps just at times just figure of speech, like OMG, or god dam it, or god dam you, etc Don't remember mentioning anything about reproduction, sorry.

Jesus another ghost must be busy for a guy who died years ago, becausepeople die each day that's one every 1. Tuff for me for the bible tells me so online believe he sees. Out of the 6. I have a position in all personal situations, not yours. Don't quite understand what your saying about babies, or the moral experiment you mention, sorry. Or asking god for something because I believe a god does not exist. It's not about thinking about it- it's about knowing about it.

My thought's may not be in the direction your going, for the bible tells me so online once again - hows about keeping your concerns personal and to yourself but thanks for sharing anyway, have a great -the best of luck to you sir in your lifes journey. Kurt, no one is arguing to take away heterosexuality. Have been a Christian my adult sex talk life and was taught pretty much what this doc was christian love letters to girlfriend.