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The Cut has a look at the history of barre seeking a long term and lasting classes that sheds light on what should not have been that much of a secret to anyone with eyes or has performed a series of rhythmic pelvic thrusts on the carpeted floor of an exercise studio after work.

Lotte Berk, a delightfully kooky dancer and the mother of all barre exercises today, made barre sex abundantly clear that sex barre sex a major part of the workout, which mixes yoga, dance, and rehabilitative moves of the kind you might encounter in physical therapy.

She talked barre sex her love affairs while she taught. Various disciples of Berk who learned from her and created their own factions of barre workouts eventually stripped garre activity of its lurid, barre sex intentions.

Stripping the boning out of barre sex and making it barre sex form zzz and function blah sucks! Make barre about fucking again, even if it is in your own head, and read the entire piece over at The Cut. The Sed.

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