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Any mom s in need of a good licking

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Good moms let you lick the beaters Great moms turn.

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Mammals lick their young ayn ward off predators, to consume nutrients from the afterbirth, to socialize the newborn, to ingest bacteria for antibodies for the baby, to bond with the baby, and to help the french male pornstar transition to life outside the womb, Cruz said in her Facebook post.

It's not uncommon to see moms licking their newborns or giving them deep sniffs in home births, Stephanie Alouche, a doula and the communication director for the Association of Ontario Doulas told HuffPost Canada in a phone nede.

Over the past decade of attending both home and hospital births, Alouche estimates she's seen mothers lick their newborns in about one or two births each year, she said. All but one were home births, and every birth that involved licking was uninterrupted, very hands-off and quiet, with minimal stimulation of the baby other than from the mother, Alouche said.

It's almost like a kiss, but with a little bit of a lick. There's an urge to hold your baby close after it's born as part of the transition from it being inside your body to outside of it, Alouche explained.

And sniffing our babies helps us recognize them, she added. Licking, then, could come from the innate need to know your baby.

I Am Look Swinger Couples Any mom s in need of a good licking

It's as normal as wanting to hold your baby. If you feel the need come over you to lick your baby, I would hate for anyone to feel that there's some cultural standard that stands in the way of doing something that is so innate," Alouche said.

Cruz knew the photo would go viral when she explained why the mother was licking her baby, she told HuffPost Canada in an online interview. Humans used to lick their babies and some cultures still dobut have largely evolved away from this behaviourCruz explained.

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